February 09, 2007

Agreed: Obama is NOT articulate

I dispute the notion that Obama is "articulate." Like many people and politicians he is, in fact, merely "glib."

And that is a trait many mistake for articulacy.

Being articulate is not simply the ability to string words together in a fluent manner. That is only one half of the definition. Unfortunately it's the part that gets all the play.

To be articulate one also needs the extra dimension of being able to speak "coherently."

I haven't heard Barack Hussein Obama say anything remotely "coherent." He simply mouths empty socialist phrases, failed policies and banal cliches about coming together.

He's the leading light in the Kumbaya wing of the Democrat party. Probably harmless in himself, but inherently dangerous in a pernicious inability to face facts.

Sure, he's says words fluently; and you might also note the same facile ability in Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton, and Jesse Jackson.

But that is mere glibness, as defined by the OED:

Glib: Fluent and voluable, but insincere and shallow.

So please, let us all unite, black and white, around the truth that Barack Obama is NOT articulate.

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