February 03, 2010

Frank Rich is a big fat ugly toad. Dumb too.


Frank Rick is a British born Theater Critic, and old round big fat toad. Who cares, you ask? No one. Until he calls genuine American military hero "unpatriotic."

How brave of Frank Rich. I'd show photographic proof of his genuinely big fat ugly toad face, but I don't wish to offend sensitive readers.

Writing in the New York Times (1/31/10) in his usual style of socialist Manhattenite-elite pig-ignorance, Rich spluttered that:
John McCain epitomizes the unpatriotic opposition.
Of course, for Rich, any opposition to Obama is unpatriotic.

Well, you know Frank is such a hero. Really. He has been awarded a Queen's Medal for Sitting on his Arse. Who the queen was, I have no idea. But you get my drift.

Once, in the 1970s he had to sit through Endgame on the really uncomfortable seats at the Royal Court, London.

Now sitting through any Sam Beckett play is heroic to my mind, having done so a couple of times. But Rich had to seat in ... the cheap enemy seats right next to the smelly public and plebs!!!

Now that's heroic.

And when the character Hamm accidentally kicked some sand from the stage, it went right in Rich's eye.

Of course, being a theaterophile, Rich sat stoically for an hour until the play ended. Then, and only then, did he call on his man-servant Dick to remove the offending mini-mote from his eye. Now that takes real guts. Not some fake scheme to become famous like the glory hungry Audie Murphy.

And again heroic. Far more so than being chained and beaten in the Hanoi Hilton for six years. Like that fraud John McCain.

So arise Sir Frank Rich -- knight of some queen.


Blogger audiesdad said...

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Monday, February 08, 2010 12:49:00 PM  

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