October 05, 2006

Nancy Girl wants old gays with young boys

The downfall of the now outed Foley is all down to him.

But it now appears that this is a story as old as the Hollywood Hills. Older monied, connected queer hits on young man.

Err, pardon my yawn but ever heard of Rock Hudson, Gore Vidal and, shock horror, that Hollywood is packed tight with predatory men of the homosexual persuasion?

How about Nathan Lane? He hit on one of my best friend’s young, straight actor son in a London nightclub a few years back. The “victim” looked about 16!

Back to Foley. He's the homosexual idiot with a self-restraint problem. I believe gays call this "cottaging." Ask George Michael. Have we cleared that up?

However, let’s not doubt that the Republicans are currently leaving no page unturned as they look (and will find) Democrats also involved in equally sleazy behavior.

But what’s interesting is that many how HIGH level Democrats are usually so keen to ensure that ADULT HOMOSEXUALS are placed in positions of power over young boys.

Take Nancy Pelosi...


Pelosi has a long history of working to put admitted ADULT HOMOSEXUALS in close quarters with actual young boys.

Pelosi and ten House Democrats wrote to President Clinton urging him to resign as honorary head of the Boy Scouts of America lest his office be seen
"as giving implicit approval to this self-proclaimed intolerant policy [of
excluding gays]."
Pelosi supported revoking the Boy Scouts' Federal charter.

Pelosi backed an amendment to the District of Columbia appropriations bill that would have permitted the use of local funds to force the Boy Scouts of America to reinstate two gay leaders and compensate them with $50,000 each. (The measure was rejected by a vote of 243 to 173.)


Pelosi commemorated Gay Pride Week 1998, with a speech on the House floor calling on the Senate to confirm friend and avowed homosexual James Hormel as ambassador to Luxemburg, hailing Hormel as,
"a great American" and a "patriotic American."
Here's some info on this "great American"... Hormel the SPAM KING and owner of the Hormel Meat Packing Corporation (I’m not kidding) is associated with...

You can read the whole story, and see the horrible Web photos of Thomas F. White preying and pouncing on a young unsuspecting Thai boy at:

Public Corruption Watch

PELOSI’S PAL -- James C. Hormel is an a proselytizing, aging wealthy homosexual activist with loads of money, and gay recruiting agenda.

He built and funds a San Franciscan “Gay” Library that bears his name, and is accused of promoting pedophilia.

According to a victim of White, Hormel, is also connected to the pedophile White.

Hormel's apparent public relations mouthpiece was the notorious Wayne Friday, a San Francisco employee involved in “boyola,” male prostitution promotion and publication of the homosexual agenda. Friday is reputed to be a male prostitute from Michigan, who worked in New York, then migrated to San Francisco.

Badpuppy is a New Jersey based male prostitution genre corporation operating world wide.

It boasts of its connection to over 17,000 Internet websites. Badpuppy is also connected to CUAV/NAMBLA, the Triangle Foundation out of Michigan. Badpuppy has other degenerate connections to the international sex trade involving males youths.

James Hormel has also surfaced in this case according to one of White's boy victims. Both Hormel and White are connected to XY MAGAZINE, an international NAMBLA pedophile magazine that runs ads offering boys as young as 16 years old.

Thomas White and James Hormel are involved in banking, investments and homosexual media. The Hormel Meat Packing company operates in Argentina.

Nathan Lovaas is the twenty eight year old pimp for White. In an unpublicized 2005 federal court case presided over by 9th circuit district court judge Charles Breyer, Lovaas was sentenced to federal prison.

(Breyer is the brother of Associate US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.)

On August 16, 2005, Judge Breyer presided over a settlement involving the personal federal lawsuit filed by a young Latino victim--one of many--of Thomas White/ Thomas F. White: the international sexual predator.

Christina Arguedas was White's Lawyer. Arguedas is the lover of Lesbian activist Carole Migden, who as a San Francisco legislator, approved federal pass-through funding for the CUAV/ NAMBLA constituency in San Francisco City and County.

Interesting huh??