November 08, 2008


You want some definitive proof of just how crazy liberals truly are? That is way crazier than you think!

in his New York Times fifth "column" celebrating the election of Barack Obama, Nikolas "Boris" Kristoff makes the creepy cult of Obama seem even uh...creepier.. and cultier (if possible).

This is his DAUGHTER for crying out loud!
"My 11-year-old daughter toiled with her friends this fall to sell lemonade and cookies to raise money for Mr. Obama's campaign, all on their own initiative."
(Sure smarmy, we believe that! More likely she's been brainwashed and you suddenly thought hey, this sounds creepy as people will think I dragooned her.)
"On Election Day, my daughter was still selling Obama buttons in the street, and on election night, she flagrantly defied her bedtime rules to celebrate as history unfolded.

Now she's ready to drop out of school--who needs algebra?--and become a community organizer."
(That would be the private school you spend thousands on annually so she doesn't have to mix with those public school dopes who actually believe the vote for "change" crap.)
"The obvious way to institutionalize that kind of excitement is a national service program."
(To be known henceforth as Obama's Little Red Re-Education Kamps For Wayward Thinkers.)

Seriously Kristoff I'd rather institutionalize you for the public good. But if he is condoning child abuse, why not compel his 11 year old, insuferable brat to do something more useful and less criminal.

Like making Nikes for a dollar a day in an Asian sweatshop?

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