July 28, 2007

Republicans should stay away from YouSuck

The Republican presidential candidates would be well advised to stay at least one light year away from the YouSuck -- I'm sorry, I mean YouTube.

Have you ever seen a more hideous collection of Carny freaks -- I expected to see the Elephant Man and Zelda the Bearded Woman as the last two in line.

Don't fall for this idiotic line that it's "essential" to show how the candidates are "hip" to the new "technology" man.

Give me a frackin' break. Why not argue that thirty years ago they should have had a debate sponsored by CBS and CB radio.
"Ten four, roger that, smokey bear.. I'd like to ask candidate Reagan.. blah"
It's already depressing enough to think actual Americans could vote any of those Dwarfocrats into office as what used to be called: leader of the free world. But to see them actually answer a question from a frigging Snowman.

Below the dignity of a President?? How about below the dignity of a Bozo the Clown?

And to call Barry Obama an empty suit is to over praise him.

He's an empty space-suit floating aimlessly in the empty vacuum of space.

It's like listening to the smarmy High School class mega-mouth who spews childish lefty platitudes which he smugly thinks he just minted himself.

Hope the Republicans aren't going down that particular U-tube.

Big Mama Clintprano

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