February 05, 2010

Media liberals stroke themselves in barely viewed echo chamber

Newsbusters has a nice reveal on one Lizz Winstead. Lizz Who...stead, I hear you moan? Who she? More reveal later.

Talking to Joy Behar about Glenn Beck la Winstead whined:

"He should be institutionalized... First of all Glenn Beck, why is he even on television? I think it's somehow abusive to have Glenn Beck on TV because he seems mentally unstable."
Mentally unstable? Isn't that Behar and her former side-nutbag O'Donnell? Isn't that the nut calling the kettle mental?

But I digress. You gotta laugh. Lizz Whinestead, notice the two zees in Lizz. She's not your ususal boring ONE zee kinda gal. Nosireeebob.

This is what Lizz with a two Zee writes about herself. Ego? Much! Mentally unstable? You decide. Then deride.

IMDBPro Biography
As a co-creator and former head writer of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," and Co-founder of Air America Radio; Lizz Winstead has emerged as a critically acclaimed political writer and producer. As a performer, Winstead brought her political wit to "The Daily Show" as a Correspondent and later to the radio waves co-hosting "Unfiltered," Air America Radio's mid morning show with citizen of the world and Hip Hop legend Chuck D, and political big brain Rachel Maddow.

Lizz' comedic talents have been recognized in Entertainment Weekly's 100 most Creative People issue and she was nominated Best Female Club Performer by The American Comedy Awards and has appeared numerous times on television including HBO's "Women of the Night", "The US Comedy Arts Festival" in Aspen, "Comedy Central Presents.." and too many basic cable stand-up shows and VH-1 "50 Greatest This" and "100 Greatest That's" to mention....

Lizz is writing, producing and staring in "Wake Up World" an Off Broadway and web show in NYC that satirizes all of our beloved morning shows. Winstead continues touring the country doing stand-up and is a regular contributor on "The Ed Show" on MSNBC.
Written by: Lizz Winstead


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