February 28, 2009


...For Your Money... For Your Property... For Your Liberty.

Because it's just worked so damn well in the UK and the EUro-trash economies...

It's what tyrannical, welfare-addled state leftists do. They cannot help themselves, as they help themselves to your freedom... to speak... to live... and to prosper by your own efforts.

February 15, 2009


Denis Leary is hilarious. And up till now Rescue Me has been on my must watch list.

So when I read of a Season 5 storyline in which...
“Mr. Sunjata’s character (Franco)delivers a two-minute monologue for a French journalist describing a 'neoconservative government effort' to control the world’s oil, drastically increase military spending and 'change the definition of pre-emptive attack.' To put it into action, he continues, 'what you need is a new Pearl Harbor. That’s what they said they needed.'”
My heart sank faster than Tax Cheat Daschle's confirmation. If I want to hear this type of grossly insulting and disgusting crazy paranoia, I'll visit Daily Koshite, thanks very much!

But here's the thing. If Rescue Me remained true to its characters and their "arc," as developed so far, this element of the Franco character would have been hinted at, if not revealed, in the past four seasons starting in 2004.

But Franco didn't wake up one morning in Seasons 1-4 and decide he was a nut.

Franco was well established as a supreme narcissist, and a womanizing heartless dick, in Seasons 1 through 3. He is without a serious thought in his head.

A DIMWIT, albeit marginally smarter than the other certified moron, the Probie, who suddenly decides he's gay. Or not. And all hilariously written by Leary and Peter Tolan (a writer I've admired for The Larry Sanders Show, Analyze This, et al.)

Franco has never made any mention of 9/11 conspiracies at all. Which is a bit weird as the whole premise of the show is founded on the devastating effects 9/11 had on the individual firefighter. You would think it would come up.

Okay, oaky -- this is fiction here. An alternate universe which incorporates real events into made-up people. So let's just accept that a successful drama needs actual DRAMA to drive the show, else it would be a boring one hour; and allow the dick Franco his sudden conversion to nutjob status.

What would the truthful reaction of an established character like TOMMY GALVIN be.

I suggest that the Tommy character, as brilliantly developed by Leary, would DECK HIM -- and kick his ass straight out of the Ladder; and/or the Fire Department totally.

There's no doubt about that. In fact, Leary himself would seem to despise 9/11 Liars (the self-proclaimed troofers). Apparently Glenn Beck interviewed him a couple of years ago, and the subject came up. Leary took the opportunity to give the 9/11 Liars a verbal kicking.

So if they follow through the character arcs with logical honesty, then I'll continue watching. But if this sudden diversion is merely a sop to an actor who's clearly gotten more than his fair share of mental problems, then screw RESCUE ME. And sorry Denis, you will have lost a big fan in that case.