March 14, 2010

My Toyota did it.... just like HAL in 2001!

Toyota cars on rampage. Murdering innocent civilians everywhere!

But seriously folks: apparently there is a rampage of incompetent, old and confused drivers using the "Toyota" excuse globally. For all sorts of things. Like running over your wife!

Such as in the UK where The Sun reports:
I couldn’t stop my Toyota killing wife
Published: 10 Mar 2010
A DRIVER who ran over and killed his wife while parking his Toyota cried: "I couldn't stop the car," a court heard yesterday.

Retired surveyor William Hippsley shot forward in his Prius - dragging wife Brenda 130ft in a Tesco (supermarket) car park.

Hippsley, 74 - who denies causing death by careless driving - said in a police quiz three months later the car had lunged forward and the brake had failed. But by that time Hippsley, of Searby, Lincolnshire, had heard reports of Prius acceleration problems in the U.S., Grimsby Crown Court heard.
Sure, why use a gun when a car will do!
Your honor, I plead the Toyota.
Case dismissed!


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