February 14, 2010

Jim Vandehei: the Art Vanderlay of Politico*

JIM VANDEHEI was the co-author of a Politico hit piece on Cheney.

Vanderhei was also on O'Reilly's show last week. Old Jim was all upset because Bill Sammon (Fox News Managing Editor) roughly said that the Main Stream Media HATED Sarah Palin. Not simply disagreed with her, but actually hated her.

Vanderlay was almost hysterical over Sammon's opinion. He accused Sammon of stepping outside his role as an unbiased reporter.

Why was Sammon, reporting on what he has found in the liberal press, outside his role? We never found out because Vandehei’s thinking was intellectually incoherent and dishonest

So I'm reading Vandehei, the supposed unbiased EDITOR at Politico, in a very long report on the former Veep. The usual suspects are very upset because the Cheney is once again leading the cogent criticisms of the Obama administration; and its pathetic responses to the war on Islamo-terrorism.

This is how Vandehei covers Biden: a man for whom the phrase “walking disaster” was invented.
“In an interview taped Saturday night for "Meet the Press," Biden unloaded on his predecessor, saying Cheney is "wrong," is "trying to rewrite history," and "either is misinformed or he is misinforming."
You'll note there are no pejoratives. No adjectives describing motive, malign or otherwise.

In the same piece, this is how he covers Cheney:
"Some nonpartisan national security analysts have called Cheney’s critiques distorted and even demagogic."
Really? Who are they? No names here. For all we know this is what Vandehei thinks.
"His natural temperament is goaded by his influential adviser, daughter Liz Cheney..."
Goaded eh? That's a loaded word don't you think Jim? The most obvious implication to be gleaned is that Cheney doesn't even really belive half the stuff he's saying because he has to be "goaded" into articulating it in public.
"But Cheney’s ability to influence policy — as opposed to influencing cable-news programming — may be dulled by his insensitivity to timing and penchant for rhetorical bombast..."
So Cheney is insensitive and bombastic -- unlike Biden I suppose.

Opinion opinion opinion Jim. Like Bill Salmon's opinion about the hatred of the legacy media for Sarah Palin

There then follows several paragraphs were Jim digs up numerous partisans to viciously attack Cheney as variously being: nuts, bitter, cavalier, unfair, a liar, surreal, outrageous, and indecent.

Note the language. It's hit after hit after hit.

Jim Vanderlay then concludes this first little bash Cheney cabal with this:
MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann said in an e-mail to POLITICO that Cheney has been “shrill, totally unpatriotic and sounding more concerned with torture and interrogation than with results and intelligence.”
That's right. The EDITOR of Politico went to a raving loon for his opinion.

You think Art Vanderlay could not get more laughably and hopelessly biased. Think again.

His very next quote comes from a clown equal to Olbermann. You don't think that's possible? Oh, you've never heard of Andrew Sullivan. He of the Sarah Palin gynaecological obsession.

Not kidding folks. And the whole diatribe goes on for another whole page; on and on and on.

Jim Vandehei. You are a Democrat tool, a shill and a lousy stinking hypocrite to attack Bill Sammon.

*Art Vanderlay was the fictional alter ego of George Costanza, himself a fictional character on Seinfeld. Vanderlay was a Marine Biologist, invented by George to pick up women whom he thought would be more impressed with a Marine biologist than a loser.


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