May 27, 2008


Democrat Congress unveils plan to regulate Universe
Deepak Vijay Throwt, The Politiscum
Following NASA's success with the Phoenix Mars Lander, the Senate met today to debate an emergency bill to stop DRILLING ON MARS immediately.
Senate leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) opened the proceedings with a statement...

"Mars is a pristine wilderness untouched by man. No one can know what damage a human designed drilling device may have on the helpless microbes that may exist under the Martian surface.

The microbes may, one day, grow up and evolve into cute Polar Bears, or the vicious Saber Toothed Pelosi. Think of the children.

As homosexual, transgendered, transvestial and heterosexual beings we have a duty to protect the ENTIRE universe from this exploitation.

For this reason the Democrat position is clear... for the sake of the Martian environment we must NEVER drill on Mars. Stop the MADNESS now!"
Following his speech Senator Reid became tired and emotional as he was helped from the Senate floor by men in white coats. He was immediately transported to a secure location.
May 16, 2008


The media is in full protection mode for Senator Barack Obama, a man with a resume thinner than an anorexic super-model, but possesesing all her foreign policy knowledge.

So it's quite amusing to listen to the spittle drooling Matthews, Shuster and the rest of MSNBC's Obama worshipping hacks, who don't know much about history.

In particular, they have managed to take offense at some fairly obvious remarks President Bush made to the Knesset. This would be Bush's contention that the idea of "talking" to raging dictators, in the insane hope you can change their minds, is somewhat, uh -- misguided. As proved by Neville Chamberlain.

That led spit-boy Matthews to have a hysterical fit whist "interviewing" a pretty dumb Radio jock who didn't quite understand what Neville Chamberlain did in the years prior Munich.

Memo to MSNBC: the actual policy of appeasing Hitler DID NOT begin and end with the Munich Agreement which shamefully recognized Hitler's right to the Sudetenland.

Appeasement of Hitler began in 1933 and ran thru to 1939, with Chamberlain being an integral part of all the meaningless "talks" and "diplomacy," to which Hitler had NO intent of ever being persuaded by.

He simply used that time to plot and build up his armed forces whilst breaking every treaty. It was what he planned all along, NO MATTER what France and England said, did, threatened, blustered or capitulated on.
Just like Iran is doing today.
The Munich agreement was simply the written CULMINATION of all that previous pointless activity, but hey... what the hell, it made the appeasers feel oh so good that they weren't like that horrible warmonger Churchill.

And hey ho -- so six million Jews were exterminated, the world was plunged into a world war which killed another 30 million...

Forget that -- the really really important thing is to ensure that a naive fool like Obama is protected by a spittle drooler and his audience, which knows even less than him. And that's saying something.

So it is perfectly analogous to Obama's idiotic idea of him, personally, as President, talking with Iran face to face. What an ignorant dumbkopf Obama truly is.

Well, he was, after all, a "community organizer," thus is perfectly trained to be a liberal appeaser.

Yes, as Matthews was vaguely aware yesterday, Chamberlain did sign an agreement with Hitler, but that was merely a codified act of appeasement that followed on from all those fruitless "talks."

Following years of "talks" and "diplomacy," the first appeasement by Chamberlain and others, was the Anschluss, (annexation) of Austria into Greater Germany by the Nazi regime on March 12, 1938.

And seeing Iran has been annexing parts of Lebanon through its proxies for years, there again is another perfect analogy.

So please, let’s have less of the self-satisfied grunts from leftists whose grasp of history is even less tenuous than Keith Olbermann's relationship with reality.
May 11, 2008


Michelle Obama seems to be an unhappy, middle-aged black woman. I have a scream, indeed. But why?

She went to Princeton and graduated. She’s now gotten herself a few million in the bank; picked up a huge mansion for a song; oh ... and her husband is running for President based on the highly controversial platform of hope!

What’s not to like? Well America apparently.

It’s almost as if Michelle Obama is a bitter person clinging to her sub-Marxist views on all sorts of things: capitalism, race, politics and culture.
So why the black dour salute Michelle?
Let’s take her Princeton thesis as the alpha and the omega. Now the whole idea of going to a Ivy League college is to broaden your horizons. Expand your mind. Meet new people who think differently. Enrich yourself intellectually.

It’s where YOU, the individual human-being, should experience the collective wisdom of those who came before, and upon whose shoulders we all stand. There are millenniums of Western thought to absorb, if you let it happen.

So what is Michelle Obama’s thesis about? It’s supposedly an analysis of other African-Americans who attended Princeton, and how that that affected “their” perception of what it means to be black.

In other words, her thesis is all about her.
It’s a narcissistic exercise in race-gazing. It’s the race thang.

All Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) appears to have gotten out of Princeton is the idea that what the black community needs is for them not to engage in the capitalist backbone of America.

Nah, that’s a “race” sell out to whitey. No, what Michelle thinks is that blacks need to REJECT the “white” work value and become social workers.

Just like her husband. Who never clerked for a Supreme Court Justice, but, as the first black President of the Harvard Law Review,who could have written his own ticket, became a “Community Organizer.” Sure.
May 05, 2008


The extreme left-wing, anti-"zionist" (i.e. Jew hating) British rag The Guardian now thinks it is its duty to carry the water for American socialists, these days.

Remember its disastrous attempt to influence the 2004 Presidential race? Americans didn't like it. Well, those few who heard about it.

So last week it promotes a nutty conspiro-theory espoused by Spike Lee on behalf of the man who redefines HATE PREACH downwards: The Reverend Wright-Nutter.
Do the right thing and shut up, Lee urges pastor.
Xan Brooks
Thursday May 1, 2008

'If he loves Obama he needs to shut up right now'... Spike Lee on Jeremiah Wright.
Director Spike Lee has waded into the ongoing controversy surrounding Jeremiah Wright, the Chicago pastor whose provocative statements have proved a thorn in the side of Democrat frontrunner Barack Obama. Lee advises the preacher to do the right thing and keep quiet. "The more he opens his mouth, the more damage he does," he told the Guardian yesterday.

For good measure, Lee hinted at a political conspiracy behind Wright's recent, contentious attempts to justify his remarks. "It looks like he's being paid to keep talking," he said.
As one of the few people who liked Lee's flick on his Summer of Sam serial killer, I feel totally qualified to comment on Spike, and his nutty conspiro-theories.

Now here's a observation about the narcissistic Jeremiah Wright. Have you ever seen a guy who you know needs NO money to keep on talking?

You could offer Wright a million dollars, and he still wouldn't SHUT UP. He cannot. His mouth is surgically attached to his foot. He has no off switch.

Okay he lives in the Windbag City... but he could move to the Motor Mouth City any time.

Sorry Spike, but you're barking mad up the wrong tree here.
May 01, 2008

Jong, Demented and Hack

Erica Jong is one of those "famous" writers whose fame rests on them hitting all the liberal pass points; and is utterly dependent on all their pals favorably reviewing their opuses in the New Yorker, the NY Slimes, et al.

You try to read them, then give up after page 20 because, well, life's too short to fry your brain with the banalities of Femi Nazi tripe. A Zipless Cluck, indeed.

But let's be honest here. If she'd looked like the typical Stalin-faced "feminist" of the 1960s, like Betty Friedan, she'd have got nowhere.

But don't be fooled by the photo here. Back then in her prime, she was a boffo babe. A right little hottie. Men wanted to fuck her, rather than read her. And that's it. We’re such predictable scum aren’t we chaps?

Fear of Not Being Thought Hip, is a reliable talentometer by which to assess which author to read of the millions out there. If it's a hip liberal, forget it. Steven King (while actually a tedious liberal Democrat in real life) just happens to be one of America's greatest living writers (despite Cell), but... he's not hip with liberals.

Our Erica is also a Puffington Post blogress alongside another reliably idiotic liberal lady writer, the equally batty Nora Ephron. She's also Jewish -- this is important, as I will explain in the money shot.

This Sunday Jong went to bat for the Rev. Wright based on the slimy performance with Bill Moyers, and by slimy, I mean Moyers. Wright was his normal unhinged self, just slightly more softly-spoken. Moyers was his normal slimy, unctuous liberal self and asked questions that would embarrass a ten year old.

The funny thing is that the day after Jong raved about Wright, her messiah finally tried to push Wright under that Granny bus -- using the same reasoning Jong had just excoriated as unacceptable the day before.

Here's one sample of Jong's hopeless reasoning. Now how anyone who has actually heard the raving Reverend sermonize can say this beats me, but she did... actually.
"This is a pastor I'd listen to on a Sunday"
My question to Erica is quite succinct...

Erica...does your Rabbi know you're sneaking off, on a Sunday, to Church, to listen to a Jew hating anti-Semite, spewing Hate Preach?

Oy vey, what a schmuck! That would be Erica: Jong, Demented and Hack.