June 16, 2005

Fideling while Hollywood earns

Over at our fave radio station (KSFO San Francisco), Mel, Lee and OV had a riveting interview Thursday morning with Humberto Fontova. The Cuban native, author of "Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant" gives the real deal on living and dying under the jackboot of Hollywood's favorite living mass murderer: Fidel Castro.

Humberto is a walking google of must-know factoids about the Havana chomping commie. Like the fact that Nikita Khrushchev withdrew the Soviet missiles from Cuba when it became clear to him that Castro was insane. Little giveaways, such as Castro wanting to nuke the US and preciptate Armageddon, tipped off Khrushchev that the guy may be ever so raving.

And this is the lunatic Hollywoodenheads like Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg and Danny Glover love? What is it about Hollywood's luxury limosine leftoids that gets them creaming their Guccis over heartless killers? For answers look no further than their favorite dead mass-murderer Ernie "Che" Guevara. Already the subject of one fantasy movie in 2005 in "The Motorcycle Diaries."

Shameless US filmmaker Terrence Malick is directing a sadly deluded Benicio Del Toro in 'Che'. It's supposedly an "epic" about the life and thankful death of Argentinian commu-nazi Ernie Guevara.

Guevara is, of course, A-List material for Institutionally Leftist Hollywood. He was an extreme left winger whose whole life was dedicated to an ideology which has led to death and misery for millions - probably billions.

And he looks fabulous in a beard and beret dahling.

Although killed on October 9th, 1967, much of today's global terrorist movement can be traced back to the evil plots, ideas and actions of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara.

He was, after all, the man who wrote:
'Hatred is an element of struggle; relentless hatred of the enemy that impels us over and beyond the natural limitations of man and transforms us into effective, violent, selective, and cold killing machines.'

Does that sound familiar. Bin Laden? Al Qaeda? Arafat? Hamas? Hezbollah? Shining Path? Maoists? Al Asqa Martyrs' Brigade? Every leftoid scumbag terrorist gang that ever breathed looks to inspiration from this disgusting monster.

Like him, they use irrational hatred and bloodlust to de-humanize their "enemy." You, me, Jews, Christians, Infidels, Americans, Hindus, Buddhists. We're all fair game for mass death because... well, we ain't human to them.

Read the rest here...
June 14, 2005

24/Heaven vs. The Krazy Koran Kolumn

Although the UK is usually five hours ahead of the US (EST), when it comes to 24 we were five hours behind. So while we’ve reached 4am with just two hours to go, Jack’s already saved the US again over on primetime.

If you haven’t reached 4am yourself, READ NO FURTHER...

Last Sunday’s episode officially confirms that Chloe has a “personality disorder”. Wow… who knew? So she’s not just some insensitive, offensive uber-nerd with no life after all.

Admit it, didn’t you leap out of your chair and cheer when she took out the baddie with the M-16? We think that was our TV highlight of the year. Maybe the Millennium. Better than when they detonated George and the nuke in Day 2. Better than Jack asking "anyone got a hacksaw" before hacking off that guy’s head. Fabulous dahling! We think we love Chloe.

And if you think she’s weird, where does that leave Edgar Stiles? He makes Chloe seem more charming than Meg Ryan in You Got Mail. In fact, have you noticed how 24 seems to delight in portraying their computer systems analysts as weirdos. Remember the odd Jamey in Day 1? She had her wrists slashed by the exquisitely evil Nina Myers.

Anyone wonder what "President" John Kerry would have been like? Look no further than
24’s recently elevated Vice-President. It’s not that he’s clearly a Democrat, he’s also a long-faced, weasel Democrat who voted for action against Muslim terrorists before he voted against it.

Okay we have to admit that we are a bit worried we could be slipping into the old “right-wing” militia scenario as sop to the Krazy Koran Kolumn operating in the US. We will hold fire on that till Jack personally shoots down that pesky missile, and then takes on the Chinese commies in the last two hours.
June 13, 2005

Cold Case shills for Amnutsy International

How many cop shops display prominently a 4 by 3 foot poster for “Amnesty” International? I mean the parts of the station where the actual street cops solve actual crimes. Possibly a massive ZERO?

Amnesty screams for Americans to be kidnapped

But the Muslim headed, violently anti-American leftoid controlled organization “Amnutsy” International* does have its supporters in make-believe cop shows. The makers of the tedious TV series “Cold Case” for one.

Anyone with the misfortune to watch this truly idiotic show can’t fail to notice the huge poster for Amnutsy International. It's usually featured behind our ice queen heroine cop played by the rather attractive, if somewhat sickly pale, Kathryn Norris.

The producers manage at least one long lingering shot every show. So intent are they at ensuring the whole poster is shown, they place it very high on the wall and shoot up (not in a drugs sense, but who knows).

And leftoids wonder where on earth conservatives get the idea that many mainstream entertainment TV shows have a relentless liberal agenda which they are determined to push 24/7? It’s insidious and never ending.

Law & Order in a high grade example of self-lefteous actors, writers and producers who never stop denigrating conservative views. It's a game that never grows old for them. They are deadly serious about it. Nothing happens in a finished TV show by accident. If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the screen, period.

Back to Cold Headcase though, the plots are utterly contrived and illogical. The acting's up to snuff, but what’s PARTICULARLY ODIOUS is each episodes last minute wrap-up scene in slow-mo. The ice maiden is invariably caught sweeping a stray hair from her face, sporting an enigmatic/smug smile, while the newly vindicated dead victim appear off in the distance waving to her, happy in the knowledge she's solved the case. She nods back.

It's truly sickbag inducing.

*Historical Footnote
Amnutsy International has been transformed from a soft-headed “liberal” organization into an extreme leftwing front group that tries to justify a moral equivalency between Western democracies (like the US) and Terrorist states like Iran. They are breathtaking hypocrites and appeasers.
June 11, 2005

Guys getting their Jolies

Mr & Mrs Smith is the new mindless Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie movie out this weekend in the UK and the US.

Now I’m always hot for the latest Friday night popcorn fluff where, for a couple of hours, you can forget that certified loons like DNC Chairman How and his little red playbook even exist.

The Smith’s are doozies. They epitomize today’s MTV/rapper role models for young people. That is, a pair of equal opportunity hit persons who kill people for money. Beats holding down a job, giving birth, raising kids, boring stuff like that. Rather like being a movie star, in fact.

(It also sounds remarkably like the Jack Nicholson/Angelica Houston flick from the 80s “Prizza’s Honor”. But hey…. every generation has to rediscover what every generation that went before it did)

Thankfully the ascerbic Debbie Schlussel's a bit of a hit gal herself, apparently armed with a Magnum 45 – being the world’s most powerful handgun, it could blow your head clean off, punk.

She has the devastating low down on the airhead opinions and worldclass skankdom of Ms. Jolie. Low being the operative word here.

"Mr. & Mrs. Smith": Don't Go to Washington

If anything epitomizes the utterly cynical and corrupt world of Hollywood PR, it’s the A.Jolie story. Huge companies paid millions to ensure that their clients get the best media coverage money can bribe.

So you take a so-so talented, and hot-bod actress who also happens to be a self-absorbed narcissist (and possibly incestuous) headcase. Some flack suggests that said client could do with a bit of an image makeover to gloss over some of the more skankalicious elements. Things like the whole Billy Bob debacle, vials of blood, self mutilation.

And then there's the whole Hollywood Mom thing. That's the one where various celebs of the female variety can’t be bothered to actually go through “little people” stuff, such as nine month’s of pregnancy, giving birth, breast feeding.

Instead... “concerned” Jolie shops at “New Borns R Us” – or at least her personal shopper probably does on her behalf. That’s where she picked up her kid Maddox. (Boy is he in for years of therapy.)

So far, so what, who cares? Well, La Jolie’s suddenly a UN Goodwill Ambassador. No doubt some flack at her PR firm decided to get an Audrey Hepburn thing going here. So she's now in our face lecturing the "little people" (you and me) about world events. Fortunately Debbie has the goods on Saint Angelina's real deal...

Meet the new, re-packaged Angelina Jolie, Goodwill Ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR). In cover stories in July's Marie Claire and yesterday's USA Today, she's hailed for pretending to care about the world's poor, helpless, impoverished children. But, when she's not making out with Jordan's Queen Noor at anti-Semitic, anti-American hate-fests, Jolie is cheering on Palestinian terrorists in development (who aren't covered by UNHCR, anyway - a topic of an upcoming column). Jolie is enthralled by Palestinian children's desire to terrorize Jews and Israelis.