December 01, 2005

Bruce Willis puts mouth where patriotism is

Bruce Willis just went up ten notches in Hollycrud's estimation. And all he did was promise something that was normal during World War 2. He’s going to make a movie called “Deuce Four” about some real life military heroes from 2005.

Imagine that: a movie which extols the virtues of American servicemen is BIG news. This is how far Hollywood has sunk into the sewer of Oliver Stone and his bogus Vietnam “memories.”

Karina Rollins has a great article in FrontPage Magazine about Willis and Deuce Four...

Bruce Willis, famed action hero and one of a handful of Hollywood patriots, is gearing up to make and star in a movie about some real-life heroes—American soldiers risking and giving their lives in the continuing struggle in Iraq.

The film is to be based on the heroics of the Deuce Four, the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry, which has seen plenty of action fighting vicious killers in the infamous northern Iraqi terrorist stronghold of Mosul.

In Willis’s movie, U.S. soldiers will be portrayed as courageous and honorable, and their cause as noble—a matter of course during World War II movies, but not something one expects from today’s Hollywood with the likes of Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, and Michael Moore, whose extremist one-dimensional leftism is taken as deep intellect and moral superiority by almost everyone in Tinseltown.

It seems that not only does Willis fully support the troops, he also supports the mission!