March 19, 2010

Obama courts supreme disaster

Let's assume that the power-crazed, Lumpen Marxetariat cabal currently controlling the Democrats, in congress and the White House, succeed in their Demon Pass.

One minute after that vote, they are going to be buried in an avalanche of law suits challenging them on many levels. One in particular may make it to the Supreme Court: that filed by Mark Levin and the Landmark Legal Foundation.

Which makes me wonder: will Obama's egregious attempt to humiliate sitting justices, at his first State of the Union address, come back to haunt him?

His arrogant and classless remarks began with factual inaccuracies (as in: YOU LIE) about the 1st Amendment case. He then petulantly blathered on in a manner that can only be read as a DIRECT CHALLENGE to the constitutional role of the Supreme Court from the other two co-equal branches. That is: the SC as the final arbiters of what is, and what is NOT, legislatively constitutional.

They decide that. Not the President and not the congress.

Well guess what Mr President? Opponents of the Democrats' instinctive totalitarian ideology are going to have their day in court. The Supreme Court.

Underpinning these cases will be a challenge to the idea that the Congress and the Executive can cook the legislative books to enact legislation contrary to the articles enumerated in the constitution; and also, as a byproduct, usurping the power of the Supreme Court.

I think even Justice Ginsberg will not go along with opening the door to unfettered legislative fiat that relies on being deemed passed.

And I suspect that at least five Justices, (the ones whom you insulted to their faces by lying about a decision they had just made), will not forget your worrying instinct to bypass the constitution at your will, Mr President. Well done.


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