February 04, 2010

Obama presidency unexpectedly* fails

By Melissa Shill and Melvin Hack
AP Political Writers
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Obama's poll numbers unexpectedly fell again this month, despite forecasts from experts that his socialist policies would soon prove wildly popular, like his Venezuelan comrade President Hugo Chavez.

This news follows an unexpectedly unpopular first year for Obama following his massive landslide victory in the November 2009 election.

Many experts in the media predicted that this would pave the way for the full implementation of Mr Obama's centrist policies. As expected Mr Obama blamed his predecessor, President Bush, for his unexpected failures.
*It has become a running joke amongst conservatives that the State Controlled Media, as epitomized by the AP, runs story after story on government produced monthly/yearly statistics on unemployment, economic growth, et al, where the results are always "unexpected.


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