January 31, 2006

Google China: Get Gorelick, Gitmo, 9/11 Commission, defending terrorists

Here’s an interesting tale about China, Google, the 9/11 Commission, leftist lawyers, terrorist defenders, selling out your country out to the highest bidder, Hillary Clinton and Jamey Gorelick!

The world’s biggest law firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP opened up shop in China in November 2004. They also happen to be lawyers for GOOGLE, who recently agreed to allow China to censor them.

Amongst the firms many legal triumphs is the infamous McCain-Feingold bill.

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP represented Senators McCain and Feingold in getting legislation passed to make it illegal (in some cases) for citizens to donate money to political campaigns.

Thus trampling your constitutionally guaranteed first amendment rights to political free speech.

However that’s small change to them. They make most of their vast income out of tax-payers. You, the citizen. That’s BILLIONS of dollars, from suing the US government, representing the US government, banks, multi-national corporations, state government.

In other words, ultimately... you pay their huge fees whether through taxes, goods and services.

Guess who happens to be a senior partner in this firm? Why none other than...

Jamey Gorelick of 9/11 cover-up fame!

Here's another interesting factoid: Remember a couple of years back, when there was a rush by US lawyers to Guantánamo Bay on their own time, to offer their services free to terrorists who are not US citizens and who are not detained in the US – and who hadn’t asked for them.

They've been busy little Bees ever since filing lawsuits whose sole aim and purpose is to derail the war against Islamo- terrorism, and to cripple the US ability to gather intelligence to stop another 9/11.

Well you guessed, the leading law firm defending these foreign terrorists held in Gitmo pro bono (for free) is...

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP

(They also provided 3 high powered lawyers to the 9/11 Commission and staff, to work alongside Gorelick.)

So I wrote to the firm asking them, given their great concern about the rights of terrorists enquiring what steps, if any, their firm was taking to offer Chinese citizens pro bono services regarding illegal detention by the People's Republic of China.

I was particularly interested in what services they may be offering Chinese citizens regarding accusations of torture, political repression, or even those accused of criminal activity, which, as we know, can quite often be a cover for political repression.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the answer I received from a PR flack is NOTHING. I guess the desire to make billions in China trumps that concern.

Given that they also represent GOOGLE who also want to make billions in China, that understandable, right?

Some other interesting facts about Jamey Gorelick: one of Hillary Clinton’s best friends...

Gorelick used to be Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae, until she bailed as it was going under to join the main law firm representing Fannie Mae. Again that would be Wilmer, Blab, Blah

Oh Jamey, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive

So here we have the situation. Jamey Gorelick was the Clintonoid government hack who..

1. Stopped the FBI and CIA working together to thwart terrorist plots that culminated in 3000 dead on 9/11.

2. Who used the 9/11 commission to cover up the Clinton administration's criminal neglect of Muslim terrorism which led to 3000 dead at the WTC.

3. Whose firm at which she is Senior Partner is now working flat out (for free) to free those dangerous terrorists.

4. Whose firm represents Google, which agrees to censor itself in China.

If we're going to talk Jack Abramoff (which we should) then how about CONNECTING THESE DOTS AS WELL?
January 19, 2006

Brokeback Poutin’:the controversial straight cowboy movie

Let’s face it chaps, it seems that you can’t throw a cow on Beverley Hills without hitting an actor/writer/producer who has/is or will be soon working on a “gay” themed move.

Well now that America is nearly 100% homosexual it does make marketing sense. However this does leave some hold outs, small niche markets of what we in the biz call “Straight City”.

That is: people who by no fault of their own suddenly discover that they are not like the rest of gay America.

They discover that they are attracted to people of the opposite sex. The love that dare not speak its name. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Some scientists have postulated that this is due to a “straight” gene, and that no amount of therapy or sexual re-assignment sessions will get these people to become homosexual.

They could sit all day watching Richard Simmonds videos and Elton John lifestyle shows, and not find a man remotely attractive sexually. Experiments prove this.

This is good news for independent film-makers (like we at Hollycrud) to pitch some smart, sassy, controversial, even profane, arty films that challenge the prevailing Hollywood homosexual orthodoxy. It's called dissent, man.

As such our latest shocking project is “Brokeback Poutin’” - and this really gets in the face of reactionary gay America. All the usual gay Church groups are organizing hate campaigns to get us banned. Shame on you.

We're here. We're straight. And we reject your hate. Get used to it people!!
This is the pitch: Jo and Les are lifelong friends and fellow cowpersons – and both married people with their own families and kids.

Jo is a lesbian married to Matilda, they have three great kids. Les is your typical macho gay. He’s married to Nigel a stay-at-home dad who looks after their twin boys Roebuck and Fred.

On the surface they’re just your average everyday homosexual family. But both protagonists harbor a dark and dirty secret. They have been secretly attracted to members of the opposite sex since adolescence. However peer pressure to conform to societal norms has forced them to repress this “deviant” behaviour.

So while all their gay friends at high school get ready from Prom Night, they preferred to stay at home and dream of a love that could never be accepted.

Cutting to the chase. One dark and stormy night, trapped alone in a pup tent, all their bottled up feelings burst forth in a bubbling cauldron of lust and pent-up emotion.

Imagine the Hoover dam bursting and whole towns destroyed. Finally, Les nails Jo in possibly the most graphic heterosexual sex ever seen on screen.

Hands, tongues and body parts most people didn’t know they possessed are all involved as we celebrate shocking Gay America to its core -- including the movies most controversial scene involving a bucket of milk and a cattle prod.

Now there’s no turning back. They destroy their marriages. Abandon their families. Set up home. And eventually petition the Supreme Court for “Straight” marriage to be legalized in the US.

Is this must-see moo-vie or what?