March 18, 2010

Mike Malloy racially obsessed where Justice Thomas
puts his John Thomas

Over at Newsbusters, Tim Graham posts a disturbing piece about somebody called Mike Malloy, who is, apparently a "progressive" radio host.

Like all loony leftists, Malloy is obsessed with race. The object of his racial ire today is that Justice Clarence Thomas has a white wife.

Like Senate majority leader Harry Reid, Malloy is also a big fan of the "negro" word.

He tries an obvious rhetorical trick of claiming that it is "teabaggers" who will be shocked to discover the racial truth about the magnificent Justice Thomas's marriage arrangement. These "teabaggers" will then subject Thomas to some sort of racial jihad because, well, they're all "racists" doncha know!

That's because "teabaggers" don't object to President Obama because of his crypto-Marxist views. It's because he is, ahem... black! (Or "negro" as intoned by Malloy and Reid.)

The subtext is, of course, transference. It is MALLOY who seems unable to accept that Thomas has a white wife. Did I mention? She's very, very white and Thomas is very, very black.

But this is bringing mild levity to something that is essentially a disgusting racist diatribe by Malloy ,against Justice Thomas, the poor son of a sharecropper. Malloy's ravings are truly shocking and unconscionable.

Not that I don't expect that from "leftists"; but it is the public act of him wallowing so openly in the sewer that is shocking.

The bigoted racial transference -- clearly it is Malloy who has the problem of the very, very, very, very, very, very (did I mention VERY) black Clarence Thomas, yada, yada, yada. And his very, very white wife.

On a wider front, you'll note how brazen the left has become in exposing its true racialist nature. Malloy clearly feels empowered to spew his nonsense in public.

I have no idea about the size of his audience. About the size of his brain, I guess. Very small.

As I pointed out last year, during the Obama administration we have gone from claimed post-racial to most racial in just a year.

The left will NEVER stop its race obsession. In fact, the more Obama fails (how can his reactionary Keynsian-inspired statism not fail) the more intense will the racism from the left become.


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