March 18, 2010

Muttering To Myself!

Random Factoid #1
Something unusual happened yesterday.

An act of journalism was committed upon a President who hasn't really been questioned critically since Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the Democrat nomination in the primaries.

So keep an eye out for some personal stories involving Brett Baier to mysteriously pop up on lefty blogs in the next few days.

They will then seep into the mainstream media. This is the usual MO of the Omoba administration.

Random Factoid #2
Obama was his usual snarly self whenever he gets challenged on his fantasies. Baier tried to ask the President a fairly boiler-plate question based on the 18,000 emails from his viewers.

Obama snarks back: "Yeah, well I get 40,000 emails a day..."

Yeah, and 39,000 are telling you they don't want your damn socialized healthcare!

Actually I would like someone to fact check that 40,000 claim.

Sounds like it's up there with Obama's fantasy about Doctors getting $35,000 for every limb they amputate unnesessarily.

Random Factoid #3
You may have read that our favorite alien invasion nut, Dennis "I Can Be Bought Real Cheap" Kucinich, took a trip on Airforce One recently.

What you may not know is this: the call sign of President's plane aircraft was changed for the 49 minute bribe, flight.

In Dennis's honor it was renamed Alien Mothership One.

No news on whether Dennis was probed during the flight to Venus, and back.

Random Factoid #4
Can't we rename Obama's latest plot to force his trillion upon trillion dollar socialist healthcare on unwilling Americans?

Instead of the unconstitutional "deem and pass" it should be called...
Obama's Demon Pass

As it really is the anti-Hail Mary Pass. The legislative equivalent of the anti-Christ.


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