November 01, 2005

Nazi Chic Alive & Well in Holland

Have you heard about the new Dutch movie Sudetenland Now? It portrays the Nazi blitzkrieg on Europe as an entirely justifiable act because of the supposed crimes against Germans following their defeat in WW1, and their humiliation with the enforced Treaty of Versailles.

It then goes on to understand and sympathetically portray a couple of young Nazis as they pursue the attempted extermination of European Jewry as payback for this national humiliation.

Of course you haven’t. That would be nuts. However you will be hearing about Paradise Now... especially at Foreign Language Oscar nomination time.

Phyllis Chesler at has the skinny on this apologia for the new Nazis, aka the Palestinian Entity.

“Paradise Now” is a brilliant and powerful piece of propaganda which has already won the Blue Angel Award for best European film at this year’s Berlin Film Festival and which has also been sold to 45 countries, including Israel.

The film was financed by Dutch, French, and German backers. The director, Hany Abu-Assad, who has lived in Holland for the last twenty years, describes himself as a Palestinian with an Israeli passport. Reviewers have described the film as an attempt to “humanize” suicide killers, to “dramatize” what goes through their minds, and as an “ingeniously calculated thriller.”

Read the full piece at FrontPage


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