June 13, 2005

Cold Case shills for Amnutsy International

How many cop shops display prominently a 4 by 3 foot poster for “Amnesty” International? I mean the parts of the station where the actual street cops solve actual crimes. Possibly a massive ZERO?

Amnesty screams for Americans to be kidnapped

But the Muslim headed, violently anti-American leftoid controlled organization “Amnutsy” International* does have its supporters in make-believe cop shows. The makers of the tedious TV series “Cold Case” for one.

Anyone with the misfortune to watch this truly idiotic show can’t fail to notice the huge poster for Amnutsy International. It's usually featured behind our ice queen heroine cop played by the rather attractive, if somewhat sickly pale, Kathryn Norris.

The producers manage at least one long lingering shot every show. So intent are they at ensuring the whole poster is shown, they place it very high on the wall and shoot up (not in a drugs sense, but who knows).

And leftoids wonder where on earth conservatives get the idea that many mainstream entertainment TV shows have a relentless liberal agenda which they are determined to push 24/7? It’s insidious and never ending.

Law & Order in a high grade example of self-lefteous actors, writers and producers who never stop denigrating conservative views. It's a game that never grows old for them. They are deadly serious about it. Nothing happens in a finished TV show by accident. If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the screen, period.

Back to Cold Headcase though, the plots are utterly contrived and illogical. The acting's up to snuff, but what’s PARTICULARLY ODIOUS is each episodes last minute wrap-up scene in slow-mo. The ice maiden is invariably caught sweeping a stray hair from her face, sporting an enigmatic/smug smile, while the newly vindicated dead victim appear off in the distance waving to her, happy in the knowledge she's solved the case. She nods back.

It's truly sickbag inducing.

*Historical Footnote
Amnutsy International has been transformed from a soft-headed “liberal” organization into an extreme leftwing front group that tries to justify a moral equivalency between Western democracies (like the US) and Terrorist states like Iran. They are breathtaking hypocrites and appeasers.


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