June 14, 2005

24/Heaven vs. The Krazy Koran Kolumn

Although the UK is usually five hours ahead of the US (EST), when it comes to 24 we were five hours behind. So while we’ve reached 4am with just two hours to go, Jack’s already saved the US again over on primetime.

If you haven’t reached 4am yourself, READ NO FURTHER...

Last Sunday’s episode officially confirms that Chloe has a “personality disorder”. Wow… who knew? So she’s not just some insensitive, offensive uber-nerd with no life after all.

Admit it, didn’t you leap out of your chair and cheer when she took out the baddie with the M-16? We think that was our TV highlight of the year. Maybe the Millennium. Better than when they detonated George and the nuke in Day 2. Better than Jack asking "anyone got a hacksaw" before hacking off that guy’s head. Fabulous dahling! We think we love Chloe.

And if you think she’s weird, where does that leave Edgar Stiles? He makes Chloe seem more charming than Meg Ryan in You Got Mail. In fact, have you noticed how 24 seems to delight in portraying their computer systems analysts as weirdos. Remember the odd Jamey in Day 1? She had her wrists slashed by the exquisitely evil Nina Myers.

Anyone wonder what "President" John Kerry would have been like? Look no further than
24’s recently elevated Vice-President. It’s not that he’s clearly a Democrat, he’s also a long-faced, weasel Democrat who voted for action against Muslim terrorists before he voted against it.

Okay we have to admit that we are a bit worried we could be slipping into the old “right-wing” militia scenario as sop to the Krazy Koran Kolumn operating in the US. We will hold fire on that till Jack personally shoots down that pesky missile, and then takes on the Chinese commies in the last two hours.


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