September 09, 2005

Hollywood's Terrorist Must Watch List


This is the best news we've heard since a few brave Swift Boat Vets fired a torpedo up the assinine John Kerry last year.

According to the anti-America, anti-Israel, antediluvian Brit leftist rag
The Guardian, more than 200 detainees in Guantánamo Bay are in their fifth week of a hunger strike.

Have you noticed that while Muslims aren't that good at democracy and human rights, they are fantastic on suicide missions? And they love bogus fasts like Ramadan where they pretend not to eat for a month?

And while it's good news that this particular "suicide" mission won't also kill, say, a bus load of Jews in Haifa, we are worried that it's not painful enough for them. Not nearly at all.

Remember the right to kill the helpless attorney George Felos, aided by the illiberal left? They were always lecturing us uncompassionate conservatives as they cheered on the starving to death of our cruely abused sister, Terri Schiavo. (God rest her soul.)

Apparently it's a painless, euphoric way to go. In fact, Felos assured us it's extremely beautiful.

George Felos, long-time counsel of Terri's estranged husband Michael Schiavo, (said)that Terri looked "beautiful" as she lay dying.

While virtually all other eyewitnesses described the dying brain-injured woman as "gaunt," "drawn," "struggling" and "fighting like hell" for life, Felos described Terri as "beautiful" and "peaceful" to reporters during a Saturday press conference:
Our only caveat being that when asked if they were being force fed, a US military spokesflack said:
They are being held in the same standards as US prison standards... they don't allow people to kill themselves via starvation.
Get that: convicted felons aren’t allowed to starve themselves to death, yet an innocent women is ordered such a fate by a malevolently arrogant and stupid judge. You think the Framers are sometimes tempted to return to this veil of tears and kick revolutionary butt?

So where does Hollywood enter this diatribe of reason from us here at Hollycrud Towers…

Check out the
WorldNetDaily report on a Hollywood fantasy flick aimed at depicting a released Canadian Guantanamo detainee as a reformed young man who now rejects terrorism and his family's ties to al-Qaida.

Oh yeah, and it's slated to star perpetual teenager, the 42 year old Johnny Depp as the 21 year old Abdurahman Khadr.

But there's irrefutable evidence that Khadr's "true" story doesn't quite fit the feel-good script proposed by Paramount Pictures.

Apparently Khadr is the son of Ahmed Saeed Khadr, a Canadian citizen whom the U.S. has accused of having direct ties to Osama bin Laden. He also is the brother of Omar Khadr, who is accused of killing a U.S. Special Forces medic.

Ah yes… the terrorist family that prays together, stays together.


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