August 15, 2005

Over There lies the same old Hollywood crud

The writer of The Great Raid was told by his brother that Hollywood only knows how to make one type of war movie. And that’s an anti-war movie. That’s why he wrote his "based on a true story", pro-American WW2 movie.

No such luck with Hollywood’s TV product which conforms to type with Over There… the new unreality show running on FX.

Michael Fumento at Front Page Mag has the goods on the IED that is Over There… – that’s Improvised Excremental Dross by the way.

Peace at any price" purveyors are going gaga over the new FX Channel series "depicting" the Iraq war, Over There… , produced by Steven Bochco of Hill Street Blues fame. "Wow! Anybody else watch Over There last night?" gushed a writer for the heavily-read antiwar blogsite, Daily Kos. "Within a few minutes . . . it was obvious that Iraq was Vietnam all over again."

Here’s the skinny on diphead Bochco from the famed, lauded, innovative genius crime writer known as Ed McBain.

Ed sadly died the day before the London 7/7 bombings. For the previous 30 years he thought of Bochco as a hack writer and virtually no better than a plagiarist for stealing his “police procedure” work en masse for Hill Street Blues. He never relented from that position.

If you’re not familiar with McBain, here’s a praiseworthy obit of one of the great American writers of the twentieth century. Check it out, then check out McBain's back catalog.

Obituary: Ed McBain (Salvatore A Lombino), writer, born October 15 1926; died July 6 2005


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