September 25, 2005

Hollywood's idea of terrorist profiling

Debbie Schlussel has the shocking skinny on the Jodie Foster flick Flight Plan. You know the new movie that really has its pulse on the root causes of terrorism.

And guess what, it’s not the Islamo-communists or Muslimo-fascists.

No... the real terrorists are Flight Attendants and Air Marshals. That’s right, folks just like those men and women who had their throats slit and were beaten to death on the four 9/11 flights.

As Debbie explains:

It's been four years of bad news for flight attendants.
First, 9/11 happened. Then, they were laid off. With airline bankruptcies like Northwest's, they are being laid off again. Now, in another blow, the movie, "
Flight Plan," is hitting theaters, tomorrow. Starring Jodie Foster, it's an outrageous piece of propaganda and incredible display of the irresponsible.
I'm embarrassed to say that a very distant cousin of mine--
Charles J.D. Schlissel--is executive producer of this outrage. The J.D. must stand for "Just Despicable." If you're a freedom-loving American like me, the rotten tricks of this movie will disgust you.

Nauseating huh? (Puke inducing if you’re from Flyover country!)

You see, Hollywood doesn’t approve of racial profiling of terrorists. Well, not if they’re Arabs. And besides, according to the H’wood, they’re not the real terrorist threat. Nah, it’s those mythical angry white guys.

That’s why in Hollywood movies the bad guys generally turn out to be some sort of Aryan race militia deal.

Please don’t misunderstand, we at Hollycrud don’t approve of white, Jew-Hating Nazis. In fact, our fathers’ and grandfathers’ generation spent the best part of six years fighting them across Europe and the Pacific.

It’s just that our definition of Nazi is somewhat broader these days – and it doesn’t include us conservatives. Hollywood sees terrorists and Nazis as that militia group in the backwoods obsessed with the “Zionist conspiracy.” And there are some of those, no doubt.

We see Nazis and terrorists as Bin Laden, Yassir Arafat, the head-lopping scum in Iraq with unpronounceable names, the new President of Iran. Folk like that. You know, actual terrorists. Actual Jew haters. Actual Muslims, in fact.

And we haven’t even started with groups like CAIR, International ANSWER and all the other assorted Nazis hiding in plain sight – usually as extreme left-wing groups.

The warped ideologies of National Socialists and Communists/Socialist are all much of a muchness to the everyday conservative folk who comprise the vast majority of people.

No matter how they spin, these groups all want state control of you, your property, your children, your education, your health care. Totalitarian government, no rights, no dissent, imprisonment, torture and death. Oh – and death to the Jews to the power of ten

And while all Muslims are not terrorists; the vast, the humungous, the overwhelming numbers of global terrorist acts are plotted and committed by those of the “Islamic” persuasion. Sorry, but that’s a fact, Jack!

So it would be nice, just once, to see a major studio Hollywood movie that told the truth about exactly where the terrorists come from. Unequivocally. Unashamedly. No caveats.

And no chance, of course.


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