September 11, 2005

Clinton would have stopped Hurricane Ka’Tri’Na

America’s first black* President, Bill Clinton called in to the BET telethon to express support and was asked by co-host Steve Harvey what his administration would have done differently if it were in power during the hurricane.

Clinton claims he would have “federalized” the Republican Weather Machine to prevent the Hurricane in the first place.

Former President Clinton told Harvey...

“Ma fellow African-Americans... Y’alls knows da diff between Democrats and Republicans. I rapped with ma true peeps… honest bros like Michael Moore, Sandy Berger, Richard Clarke, Pinocchio and moveon dot commie. They laid some big T.R.U.T.H. on me, homeys. S'known fact down in da hood, El Presidente Bush diverted federal funds meant for ma poor, ma tired, ma huddled masses into a diabolic machine that controls the weather for whitey.

"Y’see, what y’alls don’t realize ma brothers an’ sisters, oh yeah, is Hurricane Ka’Tri’Na was aimin' for all whitey areas like Beverly Blings an' Cape Cracker, 'til the devil himself, KKK Rove... programs his evil computrifier to send that bitch Ho'cane all da way to ma crib in N’Awlins. And dats da truth, y'all.”

*Although suffering since the late sixties from a progressive skin ailment that turned his skin a sickly pale white, ex-President Clinton was in fact a fifth generation descendent of black sharecroppers and is also one-fifth American Indian. His given African/Indian name is Kwanza Clinton Whitewater Kun'Sar.


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