September 15, 2005

G. Paltrow: Her Royal Blondness Speaks

I have no idea if Gwyneth Paltrow is as dumb as a Post-Intelligencer editorial (Seattle variety). I do know she constantly says dumb things about subjects which she is not intellectually equipped to discuss.

If you must, read and groan at what her Royal Blondness has to say in an obsequiously fawning piece from Richard Groen in some Canadian rag called
The Globe & Mail.

Maybe she can’t be blamed. After all, she’s hooked up with a particularly odious, hate-America, prematurely balding, smug leftoid who fronts a tedious “rock and roll” beat combo called Coldplay.

Believe me, I’d rather be forced at gunpoint to listen to Nana Mouskouri singing Greek folk music at Ozzy volume for one week solid (a la Noriega) than endure one minute of a typical Coldplay dirge.

And then there's Paltrow’s background, which reeks of the US royalty some Americans naively think they banished after they kicked us Brits up the Potomac way back in 1776.

That would be the noblesse noblige mindset of the softheaded but powerful liberal cabals who dominate the US communications media, academia, some surprising large corporate interests and, of course, Hollywood.

So she works under the delusion that … well, let’s just say she espouses every tedious Institutionally Leftist piece of claptrap that ever came down the pike. And like a week old lake caught pike, it stinks from the blond head down.

This is how ignorant she is of what people outside her “class” think…
"Yes, well, I went to Spain in an exchange program at 15, and I've always been drawn to Europe. America is such a young country, with an adolescent swagger about it. But I feel that I have a more European sensibility, a greater respect for the multicultural nature of the globe. And it's a strange time to be an American now."

For a start, why is it a “strange time” to be an American? No... it may be a strange time to be a fully paid up member of the “liberal elites” American. The variety that constantly lose state and federal elections running on quasi-socialist and Hollywood values against everyday, overtaxed Americans.

And really, is it that strange anyway? Especially as the monopoly of thought and doublespeak from the Mainstream Media was broken by advances like the Internet, Bloggers, and Free Speech Radio?

“Multicultural nature of the globe”? This is such a piece of meaningless twaddle that it defies ridicule. Assuming that this does not refer to the Boston Globe, but the actual planet, which most ten year olds could tell you is made up of over 200 countries and many cultures.

And “European Sensibility”? Is that the “sensibility that led to Lenin and the Gulags which murdered at least 50 million people? Or maybe that other non-swaggering European, Hitler? Well we all know how well that turned out for the people of Europe, especially the Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Slavs, and Poles.

Mmmm, the thing is, she doesn’t even live in Europe. She lives in the England bit of Britain. Here’s a heads up for Americans who labor under the delusion that Brits think of themselves as “European.”

Oh, they do in certain elites that bear a passing resemblance to the US effete elites mentioned above. However I can assure you the average Briton no more thinks of himself as European, as he thinks of himself as a Homosexual. Around one per cent.

So she can’t even get that right. However there’s one thing she gets right for those Flyover Country Americans...

(Of whom she knows little, and could care less even though they actually pay to keep her royal lily white ass pampered preened and ever so nubile!)

...Malice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. That's right, she's left the home of the brave and land of the free - except for work, health care and dentistry.

Unfortunately for me though, Gwynnie now lives like royalty in my country instead. And that’s one Queen too many in my book.


Blogger Dairenn Lombard said...

Just like Michael Moore, she sure loves making money off us trashy Americans with her sickening movies. I guess if actors had anything to say worth listening to, someone else wouldn't be the ones writting the words they say in the movies.

Sunday, October 02, 2005 6:43:00 PM  

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