September 28, 2005

Hail to the Briefs, it’s the Commander-in-Thong

There have been a few Hollywood TV shows recently that purport to be about Washington DC politics. The West Wing, Mr. Sterling and the ABC’s newest piece of show fiction: Commander-in-Chief.

West Wing exists in a bizarro Democrat universe where 9/11 never happened, and a tiny leftoid loony pretends to be President of the United States for an hour a week, 22 weeks a year. (A fair exchange, we say, for a Republican to be the actual President for eight years in the real universe.)

They are all, of course, leftoid Democratic fantasy shows. Mainly because they are all created and written by Democratic party hacks. West Wing was the first one out of the box, but it made the tactical error of having President Bartlett as a Bill Clinton clone, ergo a Democrat. Thus making it so much easier for us uncompassionate conservatives to mock it relentlessly.

Please note that having learned that lesson, Hollywood made the short-lived Sterling (about a US Senator), and hopefully soon-to-be-canceled C-in-C (about a female US President) both independents. Naturally they just happen to espouse predominantly leftist views. Who could have guessed?

Thing is, in the current Congress there is only one independent – a real raving loon called Bernie Sanders, a socialist Democrat. And the idea that there would ever be an independent running mate is, well... Jesse Jackson has more chance of winning a combined modesty and celibacy award.

So it’s La DeeCee La Land. Take that to the Fed.

Louis Wittig in National Review has the take to take…

Commander is an archetypal liberal tale: A hero is challenged by blind prejudice but rises to show us that when we embrace equality and diversity, it all works out. While on a state visit to Paris, Vice President Allen learns her boss has had an aneurysm. The ensuing dialogue sounds like something that’s been translated into a foreign language and then translated back to English in a hurry (“So what happens now? Do I take the oath?” “Can you smell the history?”.
The purpose of this show is about as subtle as a James Carville “joke”. Though staring Geena Davis it is marginally better looking.

Conservatives may laugh that the Pavlovian slavering of Democrats for political power is so psychotic, they have to create TV fiction to satiate this obsession. But make no mistake about the blindingly obvious semi-sub-text here. To soften up the American people for a Presidential candidate of the female persuasion.

Not that there is anything wrong with that female aspiration. After all, we Brits, holed up here in the clock-tower at Hollycrud and Vine with our Sharps, did vote in the conservative Maggie Thatcher all of 26 years ago. So we assume our American cousins are more than up to accepting a female President

Now I wonder if there’s even the remotest chance one such candidate is on the slate. Mmmmm, I wonder. Hang on, it’s coming. Oh yeah, Condi Rice. No sorry, she’s a Republican and not the “right sort of woman, to paraphrase Ruth Bader Ginsberg the judicial legislater masquerading as a Supreme Court Justice.

Here’s a clue from Newsmax:

ABC insiders deny there's any connection between real-life presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and their new TV show "Commander-in-Chief" - where Geena Davis makes her debut tonight as America's first woman president.

But it turns out the show's lead writer is a long-time Clinton campaign insider who held a top job in Hillary's press office.

"Writer Steve Cohen used to work for her in the 1990s, serving as the then-first lady's deputy communications director," reports the Village Voice.

"I have no doubt she is capable, qualified, and ready to be the president of the United States should she choose to run," Hillary's scriptwriter tells the paper.

That’s the ABC stance. Mind you, CBS still stands by the forged Rathergate documents. It's a funny old world.


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Wasn't this chick in "Earth Girls are Easy" as Valerie co-starring that terrible Jeff Goldblum in 1988? Wow, time flies. ;-p

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