November 01, 2005

Funny… Hollywood & the left used to hate the CIA

Remember how Hollywood used to make paranoid “political thrillers” which portrayed the CIA and even more roguish black ops outfits plotting to overthrow the elected government of the USA?

These “shadow” agencies were always filled with right-wing company nuts from the Military-Industrial Complex beavering away to undermine elected democracy – and to “eliminate” people who dissented.

Who can forget those movies of the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s which excoriated the “Company” and associated rogue agencies/corporations: The Parallax View, Three Days of the Condor, Silkwood, Seven Days in May, The Manchurian Candidate, All the President's Men, Enemy Of The State, JFK, et al.

Oh how we wanted to stick it to “the man” so much we could taste it like TANG. Well, we were young, callow and didn’t know any better.

No doubt about it. If you were left you despised the CIA. And you were cheered on by a Hollywood and an MSM who were more than happy to reinforce the leftoid conspiracy nuts out there.

You only have to look at all the efforts the Democrats made to hobble the CIA: starting with the alleged President Carter and spanning the Congress with the likes of Shenator Ted “Hiccup” Kennedy.

But something odd has happened over the past few years since Bush was elected. Some Clinton leftovers in the CIA decided it didn’t like the policies of the duly elected Presidency and Legislature.

The left (especially the New York Times, Washington Post, White House Press Corps, and the Alphabet Soup of ABCNBCCBS) has suddenly become the defender of the Company.

Maybe it all started with the “Diversity Quilt” stitched by George Tenet when he started “sensitivity training”, “quilt making”, and “role-playing skits to conform to politically correct social themes.”

Whatever, anyone with half a brain (i.e. all the left) cannot fail to notice how some parts of the CIA has gone totally rogue against the Bush White House. How certain CIA employees of the Clintonoid variety have spent the past five years making selected leaks to a sympathetic MSM with just one ain: to consistently undermine the “duly elected government” of the United State. In other words, to do exactly what the leftoids have always accused the CIA of doing.

However, with one caveat... this time the left supports the brazen attempt to undermine a Republican Presidency and Legislature.

Whatever the legal outcome of the bogus and historically gnat-bite Valerie Plame kerfuffle, one fact is indisputable: the whole thing has been orchestrated from the moment a non-covert CIA employee called Valerie Plame recommended her husband for a bogus research “mission” that was intended from the get-go to spit in the Bush administration’s face.

And yet, has the MSM rallied to a government of the people by the people? Has 60 Minutes any curiosity as to how Joseph Wilson sat around an African swimming pool for a week, working on his tan at tax payers’ expense so he could write an Op-Ed in the Slimes slamming Bush?

You have got to be freakin’ joking. As Thomas Joscelyn in the Weekly Standard reports, only this Sunday, Ed "Case Closed" Bradley couldn't be bothered to challenge Wilson's version of unreality.

Everywhere you care to look or read, the MSM has led the charge in supporting the rogues at the CIA. Foggy Bottom’s Dumocrat political desk jockeys whose idea of a dangerous covert-op is setting out to get a table at Galileo for lunch.

Anyone sense a vast conspiracy here?


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