November 29, 2005

Green Shirts Party takes Hollywood, pitches for KKK vote

Isn’t it nice to know that Adolph Hitler (an enthusiastic and early supporter of the Green movement) would find so much to appreciate in today’s Green Party.
Especially in the newly minted unremitting, irrational and psychotic hatred of Jews! Yes it’s the swastika in the room no one wants to talk about, volks. And even Hitler never thought of the Green Shirts!

Maybe Steven Spielberg will speak out against the oldest race hatred now endorsed by the Green Shirted Party, USA.

If you can bring yourself to read Mein Green Kampf, check it out on Little Green Footballs.

But as a taster, basically they want to “separate the Jews”, and destroy the State of Israel. No mention of cattle trucks yet, but can forced deportations and yellow stars be far behind?

Of course, many of the Hollywood celebroid elite are fervent supporters of the alleged “green” enviro-wackos, both in time, money and fund raisers. Last time I checked, there were quite a few of the Jewish persuasion roaming around Hollycrud and Vine.

They must be so pleased to hear that the Green Party of the US is now seriously pitching for the KKK, Aryan Race, Black Shirt militia vote with it’s final solution to the “Jewish” problem. Ban Israel. Punish the Jews. Drive them into the sea.

Oy vey.


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