April 11, 2009

Ron Howard cracks Da Dummy Code

The incredibly rich Hollywood Director Ron Howard took time out of his busy schedule promoting his follow up to his truly bad movie The Da Vinci Code. He wanted to give us the accumulated wisdom he's gleaned from so-called "Europeans."

Apparently Howard The Duck could have been the warm up act for President Obama's recent Blame and Apologize For America Tour

Appearing with Bill Maher (the man who puts mentally ill into mentally ill-informed putz) Ducky has a problem with America being:
1. A Superpower. Hates it.
2. Exporting democracy. Hates democracy.
3. The US military. Hates the military. (That explains the Alamo -- his crappy movie, not the heroic defense.)
4. Being bloated. Yeah, no idea what that means either.
It seems Howard the Duck is a "progressive." A term which goes back to President Woodrow Wilson, 1914-21 (America's first quasi-socialist President).

“Progressive” is now Marxist code for the cult of a reactionary, regressive political movement best described as COLLECTIVIST TOTALITARIANISM of varying pinkist to red hues: from the soft tyranny of the control freak Stateist; to the tyrannical dictatorship supporting the cult of the great leader.

These ideas are at least 200 years old. Communism, socialism, fascism, Marxism, welfare stateism, National Socialism, Nazism. Been there, done that, nothing new to see here. You can't make an omlet without murdering tens of millions.

To back up his supine positions, Ducky claims that:
"I've actually spent a lot more time in Europe and working with crew members and actors and understanding how they live and how they think and they grow up."
I guess he means BRITISH CREWS -- certainly for The Da Vinci Code, and other movies he shot over on Blighty sound stages.

In that case, I can confidently riposte that he's a deluded idiot when it come to the "working-class" types who work as Grips, Clapperboard holders, Foleys, Set Builders, et al on British sound stages and on location.

(And yes, I do vaguely know what I'm talking about, being a working-class lad who once wrote a TV ad which was shot at the famous Shepperton Studios.)

Although heavily unionized, these guys (invariably men) are typical "working class" Tories (conservative). The older ones, back in the conservative day, voted for Maggie Thatcher to a man.

If he really understood the British movie crews, he'd know they don't think of themselves as "European" for starters

If he really talked to them, he'd hear their talk about how the UK is being ruined by socialists. How an orgy of unrestrained immigration into a country slightly smaller than Oregon was destroying their national identity. How crime was out of control. How their taxes were going through the roof. How the country was dissolving into irrelevancy.

Oh -- you'd have thought little stuff like that may have resonated around that empty noggin.

The SUPER-RICH actors, on the other hand. Well, they love Obama. They love socialist high taxes. Mainly because they employ bigtime lawyers and accountants to move heaven, earth and countries, so as not to pay their share of high taxes. Good gig huh?

Oh and Ron -- do you REALLY think that some lowly stagehand is going to "argue" with the boss about "politics"? I'm thinking they do what all those who know which side their bread is buttered... they just nod and mutter "whatever you say, guv."

This is Pauline Kael Syndrome -- the celebrated dimwit who was shocked I tells ya, that Nixon won because she didn't know anyone on the Upper East Side who voted for Tricky Dicky, dahlink!

What a elitist jerk Howard is, to even mouth this rubbish.

When filming in Pinewood for months, did Ducky invite any of his crew to those swanky dinner parties in some billionaire's mansion in the elite Buckinghamshire countryside?

Did he swap bon-mots with Tom and Sir Ian, whilst taking oysters and champers at The Ivy -- haunt of the rich and famous? Did the Duckster chat amiably over a late supper with the Camera Gate Checker at Pierre Marco White's latest super-exclusive Chelsea eaterie?

Err, probably not. The thing I loath most about Howard is not his utter ignorance. It's his arrogant assumption that his "crew" thinks like he does. Then amazingly, he "suddenly" finds that European liberal elites think just like him. Whoopsy-do! Who knew they were all champagne socialists-- just like HIM!

Fortunately "actors" in Europe, such as Sir Ian McKellan (big shill for the British Labor Party), educated him in the benefits of their Nationalized Health Service. Not that McKellan uses the British crappy socialist healthcare system personally, doncha know. He’s RICH. Where’s my pitchfork?

Not that Howard will be using Obama's Fannie Mae Healthcare System planned for America. How very progressive of you, Ron Howard The Duck.


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