April 04, 2009

I'm a carbon-based lifeform...
so screw you eco-loon!


This colorless, odorless gas (known as Dry Ice in its solid form) is essential for life on earth.

That is why, of course, the vast abundance of this essential atmospheric gas (96%) is produced naturally by Mother Earth -- or Gaia, as some ecoloons insist on calling her.

Even though in itself, CO2 is an infinitesimal part per million of the atmosphere, is it vital for the growth of all plants and vegetation, and for sustaining life on earth for all species.

Simply put, the more Carbon Dioxide, the lusher and healthier the vegetation.
JACK: Thanks for all the great work CO2.

CO2: You're welcome Jack! My Pleasure!

JACK: When's Carbon Dioxide Day?

CO2: Dunno Jack. But sounds like a great idea. Organize it.

JACK: I will.

CO2: Well alright then.


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