May 16, 2008


The media is in full protection mode for Senator Barack Obama, a man with a resume thinner than an anorexic super-model, but possesesing all her foreign policy knowledge.

So it's quite amusing to listen to the spittle drooling Matthews, Shuster and the rest of MSNBC's Obama worshipping hacks, who don't know much about history.

In particular, they have managed to take offense at some fairly obvious remarks President Bush made to the Knesset. This would be Bush's contention that the idea of "talking" to raging dictators, in the insane hope you can change their minds, is somewhat, uh -- misguided. As proved by Neville Chamberlain.

That led spit-boy Matthews to have a hysterical fit whist "interviewing" a pretty dumb Radio jock who didn't quite understand what Neville Chamberlain did in the years prior Munich.

Memo to MSNBC: the actual policy of appeasing Hitler DID NOT begin and end with the Munich Agreement which shamefully recognized Hitler's right to the Sudetenland.

Appeasement of Hitler began in 1933 and ran thru to 1939, with Chamberlain being an integral part of all the meaningless "talks" and "diplomacy," to which Hitler had NO intent of ever being persuaded by.

He simply used that time to plot and build up his armed forces whilst breaking every treaty. It was what he planned all along, NO MATTER what France and England said, did, threatened, blustered or capitulated on.
Just like Iran is doing today.
The Munich agreement was simply the written CULMINATION of all that previous pointless activity, but hey... what the hell, it made the appeasers feel oh so good that they weren't like that horrible warmonger Churchill.

And hey ho -- so six million Jews were exterminated, the world was plunged into a world war which killed another 30 million...

Forget that -- the really really important thing is to ensure that a naive fool like Obama is protected by a spittle drooler and his audience, which knows even less than him. And that's saying something.

So it is perfectly analogous to Obama's idiotic idea of him, personally, as President, talking with Iran face to face. What an ignorant dumbkopf Obama truly is.

Well, he was, after all, a "community organizer," thus is perfectly trained to be a liberal appeaser.

Yes, as Matthews was vaguely aware yesterday, Chamberlain did sign an agreement with Hitler, but that was merely a codified act of appeasement that followed on from all those fruitless "talks."

Following years of "talks" and "diplomacy," the first appeasement by Chamberlain and others, was the Anschluss, (annexation) of Austria into Greater Germany by the Nazi regime on March 12, 1938.

And seeing Iran has been annexing parts of Lebanon through its proxies for years, there again is another perfect analogy.

So please, let’s have less of the self-satisfied grunts from leftists whose grasp of history is even less tenuous than Keith Olbermann's relationship with reality.


Blogger Jack Bauer/London Dave said...

Thanks knab -- do I know you better as...?

Friday, May 16, 2008 8:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Rex Andrews said...

Iran is not Nazi Germany. It's a lazy and potentially dangerous comparison. Hitler was a pyscho, and he went around invading other countries, trying to start a master race. Ahmadenijad is democratically elected, an intelligent (through provocative) man, who has not invaded any countries, nor intends to start a master race. He is often demonised by the American and Israeli press who are threatened partly by paranoia over potential Iranian nukes (which we don't know where they are IF they exist).

Monday, January 05, 2009 6:59:00 PM  

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