April 23, 2008

Nora Ephron: Deep Clot is Clueless In Washington

Ace political analyst, and Oscar nominated screenwriter, Nora Ephron is a tolerant liberal. As such she’s very comfortable at making trite generalizations based on her stereotyping of a whole class of people.

Now I don’t want to get into a whole...should people who look like Secretariat really be making gratuitous insults against others. That’s a generalization, but you decide.

Nora is famous for writing a few movies in which the number of leading black faces can be counted on the fingers of a handless man. That is: ZERO.
When White Harry Met Pale Sally... Blackless in Seattle... You've Got White Male... Bewhited......
But that’s not even my main point. You notice Nora’s impeccable circular logic that so befits a liberal. The “when did you stop beating your wife” question?

So no matter which candidate the white male registered Democrat votes for, it is irrelevant. If it's Obama, then they are a misogynist. If it’s Clinton, then they are a racist. Heads you lose, tails you lose again white scumbag!

So being a white male means you can’t win. Except if you marry Nora. Like Carl Bernstein of Deep Throat fame, Nora’s second white husband.

Lecturing us recently about the whole Spitzer/hooker scandal, the effortlessly superior liberal Nora droned...
"Prostitution is a victimless crime..."
Back in 1986, Clueless in Washington (that would be Nora) had no idea her hubby was having an “affair” right under her nose with one of her best friends! That would be an also married British politician slash media whore. She was/is Margaret Jay – who also looked like a horse.

Ephron was pregnant with her second son, Max at the time. So traumatized was she when she found out what the whole of trendy Washington knew, Ephron delivered her baby son – sorry, I mean fetus son, prematurely as a result.

Maybe if she had two daughters she wouldn't be so cavalier about women selling their bodies for money as, oddly enough, news of HER husbands infidelity caused her so much emotional distress, her baby was born early.

Sure Nora... no victims here. Let's all move on.

Maybe that’s why she now has it in for racist and/or sexist white men. Apparently they are the bedrock of the Democrat Party! Who knew.


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