April 30, 2008

The First Barack President of the...
Harvard Law Review

Now with the greatest respect, I imagine anyone can be a community organizer and/or social worker, if they really set their mind to it. You certainly don't need to have attended Columbia and Harvard.

But not everyone could clerk for, say, a stellar, gold standard Federal judge; and especially a US Supreme Court justice. You have to be really over-qualified and over-bright to do that. I mean, super-nova, about 0.01% of us, I guess.

Perhaps you have to go to Harvard, study law, and become President of the Harvard Law Review. They only have one a year, so I'm thinking that has to be pretty prestigious, elite position that carries clout in any Judicial clerkship you may seek. Puts you at #1 in the interview stakes.

Now if that man also happened to be the first black President of the Harvard Law Review, man... that HAS to be a home run.

Now we know Obama has bought into this activist judiciary. It's a means of gaining the nebulous concept of social justice, simply by the conceit of bypassing the legislature, thereby making the U.S. constitution mean what ever you have decided it means.

I think that's a crock, myself, as do all conservatives.. but Obama believes this liberal litmus test hook, line and clunker.

So you would think he might have concluded back then, that taking this route would be a much better option to effect the bogus change he apparently seeks. But instead he chose to start out as a most-anyone-can-do-it community organizer whose overall impact would be very minor, to be very kind.

So why didn't this smart, ambitious, highly-qualified HLR President follow the path of legal excellence?

Interesting question, no?

And imagine how beneficial for all of us had Obama clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?


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