May 01, 2008

Jong, Demented and Hack

Erica Jong is one of those "famous" writers whose fame rests on them hitting all the liberal pass points; and is utterly dependent on all their pals favorably reviewing their opuses in the New Yorker, the NY Slimes, et al.

You try to read them, then give up after page 20 because, well, life's too short to fry your brain with the banalities of Femi Nazi tripe. A Zipless Cluck, indeed.

But let's be honest here. If she'd looked like the typical Stalin-faced "feminist" of the 1960s, like Betty Friedan, she'd have got nowhere.

But don't be fooled by the photo here. Back then in her prime, she was a boffo babe. A right little hottie. Men wanted to fuck her, rather than read her. And that's it. We’re such predictable scum aren’t we chaps?

Fear of Not Being Thought Hip, is a reliable talentometer by which to assess which author to read of the millions out there. If it's a hip liberal, forget it. Steven King (while actually a tedious liberal Democrat in real life) just happens to be one of America's greatest living writers (despite Cell), but... he's not hip with liberals.

Our Erica is also a Puffington Post blogress alongside another reliably idiotic liberal lady writer, the equally batty Nora Ephron. She's also Jewish -- this is important, as I will explain in the money shot.

This Sunday Jong went to bat for the Rev. Wright based on the slimy performance with Bill Moyers, and by slimy, I mean Moyers. Wright was his normal unhinged self, just slightly more softly-spoken. Moyers was his normal slimy, unctuous liberal self and asked questions that would embarrass a ten year old.

The funny thing is that the day after Jong raved about Wright, her messiah finally tried to push Wright under that Granny bus -- using the same reasoning Jong had just excoriated as unacceptable the day before.

Here's one sample of Jong's hopeless reasoning. Now how anyone who has actually heard the raving Reverend sermonize can say this beats me, but she did... actually.
"This is a pastor I'd listen to on a Sunday"
My question to Erica is quite succinct...

Erica...does your Rabbi know you're sneaking off, on a Sunday, to Church, to listen to a Jew hating anti-Semite, spewing Hate Preach?

Oy vey, what a schmuck! That would be Erica: Jong, Demented and Hack.


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