May 11, 2008


Michelle Obama seems to be an unhappy, middle-aged black woman. I have a scream, indeed. But why?

She went to Princeton and graduated. She’s now gotten herself a few million in the bank; picked up a huge mansion for a song; oh ... and her husband is running for President based on the highly controversial platform of hope!

What’s not to like? Well America apparently.

It’s almost as if Michelle Obama is a bitter person clinging to her sub-Marxist views on all sorts of things: capitalism, race, politics and culture.
So why the black dour salute Michelle?
Let’s take her Princeton thesis as the alpha and the omega. Now the whole idea of going to a Ivy League college is to broaden your horizons. Expand your mind. Meet new people who think differently. Enrich yourself intellectually.

It’s where YOU, the individual human-being, should experience the collective wisdom of those who came before, and upon whose shoulders we all stand. There are millenniums of Western thought to absorb, if you let it happen.

So what is Michelle Obama’s thesis about? It’s supposedly an analysis of other African-Americans who attended Princeton, and how that that affected “their” perception of what it means to be black.

In other words, her thesis is all about her.
It’s a narcissistic exercise in race-gazing. It’s the race thang.

All Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) appears to have gotten out of Princeton is the idea that what the black community needs is for them not to engage in the capitalist backbone of America.

Nah, that’s a “race” sell out to whitey. No, what Michelle thinks is that blacks need to REJECT the “white” work value and become social workers.

Just like her husband. Who never clerked for a Supreme Court Justice, but, as the first black President of the Harvard Law Review,who could have written his own ticket, became a “Community Organizer.” Sure.


Blogger Thud said...

Both these individuals are prime examples of how to play the system and rise to the top without ever doing a fays real work...I love America...even if they don't!

Thursday, May 29, 2008 1:57:00 AM  

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