March 18, 2009


Sometimes you just have to thank liberals for pointing out the obvious.

Until recently I would never have seen this, but by using the liberal special RACISM DECODER RING, all this racism becomes clear.

Let's take CNN's Jack Cafferty as a for instance.

On The Situation Room (3/17/09) Cafferty says:
“Whether it’s creating commissions for women and girls, ordering the investigation of President Bush’s use of signing statements, or jamming a huge stimulus package through Congress, the man is working his tail off."
Okay let's get past the risible, childish prattle about creating commissions for females. Jack oh Jack, that's the oldest trick in the book when politicians want to appear to be doing something instead of the bugger all that's actually going on.

No, I'm more interested in RACISM. The left's top obsession alongside sex and queers. (And YES one of my best friends is of the homosexual persuasion.)

Cafferty says on air that Obama is... "working his tail off."

Pretty innocent right? WRONG!

So Cafferty is saying that an African-American President has a "tail."

You know who else has a tail? A monkey.

So basically, isn't Cafferty really comparing the President to a monkey, with all the racial history that entails, no pun intended.

Now I know some of you conservatives may think come on Jack, that's nuts. Crazy talk.

But if the left teaches us ANYTHING, it's that you can see racism everywhere, if you really, really try.

Y'all have a good maccaca day now.


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