April 06, 2009

Coming soon to a TV near you...
The Obowa

Anyone surprised that it's Obamamateur Night Out all over: DVDs, Royal wePods from Cosco.

Statecraft protocol has been established over the centuries to avoid insulting the leaders of other countries. Provoking wars, and other of life's little unpleasantnesses.

You know... you meet the King of Togo, mistake his wife for his lunch, and before you know it, bows and arrows are being deployed.

Obama is the head of state. When he meets other heads of state he meets an equal, no matter how big, small, significant or insignificant the state in question.

It's long-established protocol. Doesn't change, despite Obama's hopey-changey-feely PR generated childish idiocy.

So what to make of President Obama when he bows low to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the G(od-awful)-20?

Well it's easy. You do not bow to an equal, even if they are a monarch. Did he bow to the Queen of England as he handed over the $200 iPod a staffer picked up on eBay for a snip? A calculated sly insult, if ever there was one.

Well, I missed that bow. But she accepted the regifting with good grace--even though she isn't an insomniac, for which his pre-loaded collected speeches would have been the perfect cure.

Here's the fact: It's a shameful act of subservience for the head of state of the United States to bow to any other head of state.

I don't believe career staffers at the State Department don't know this. That's absurd.

This is so weird that I can't even fathom what's going on. Arrogant, distainful and dismissive know-nothing know-it-all at home. Apologizing, crawling, bowing world-class know-nothing abroad.


Blogger cwilh604 said...

yea, no one's listening, and no one cares. right wing-left wing: it's all the same thing. created and proliferated by the gov't and corporate media to keep American citizens divided and bickering among themselves. subservient and ignorant to the fact that if they would just get together on what they agree with, things would get done. knowledge is power and it seems these days the politicos of the country would rather live their own personalized, politicized reality shows rather than engaging in a dialogue and organizing protests and demonstrations. it's time to awaken from the collective slumber and hit the pavement with the causes...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009 2:25:00 AM  

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