April 12, 2007

Scientists NOT infallible!! Who Knew?

Noel Shephard over at Newsbusters has a nice piece on Joe Kernen: a morning anchor for the financial network CNBC who skewered Logic Deniers and Global Dumbers Laurie David/CherylCrowe.

On Tuesday, he invited singer Sheryl Crow and “An Inconvenient Truth” schlockumentary producer Laurie David on to discuss their “Stop Global Warming College Tour.”

To the thicko likes of David/Crowe, one of the basic tenets in the socialist liturgy of the Church of Manmade Global Warming is this...

Just like the Pope is for Catholics... "scientists" are INFALLIBLE.

Well, only certain "scientists" who are the chosen ones working on MATHEMATICAL MODELS

Sure... this is how reliable science can be using mathematical models.

From the London Sunday Times
April 8, 2007
Big Bang at the atomic lab after scientists get their math wrong
Jonathan Leake, Science Editor
A £2 billion project to answer some of the biggest mysteries of the universe has been delayed by months after scientists building it made basic errors in their mathematical calculations.

The mistakes led to an explosion deep in the tunnel at the Cern particle accelerator complex near Geneva in Switzerland. It lifted a 20-ton magnet off its mountings, filling a tunnel with helium gas and forcing an evacuation.

Last week an apparently furious and embarrassed Pier Oddone, director of Fermilab, said: “We are dumb-founded that we missed some very simple balance of forces. Not only was it missed in the engineering design but also in the four engineering reviews carried out between 1998 and 2002 before launching the construction of the magnets.”
Dumbfounded you missed something? No crap Copernicus!


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