April 02, 2010

McCartney's Magical Mystery Healthcare Tour

Being a huge fan of the Beatles, and an admirer of Paul McCartney this one pains me.

McCartney is on tour in America, singing his little heart out. So far, so great.

Unfortunately he also decided to sing the praises of the Democrat forced lurch to the unwanted, unpopular government run healthcare welfare entitlement.

According to the Miami Herald McCartney says:
"It's a good thing that America has done," he said of recently approved health care legislation.
The funny thing is: when it comes to Britain's 60 year old socialized National Heathcare system Paul says HELP... and doesn't seem too keen to avail himself of its glories.
And with age comes inevitable health problems, which explains why Paul McCartney had a sly coronary angioplasty recently. According to reports, Paul McCartney had the routine heart operation in secret at a private London hospital in the autumn after consulting his doctor, and has since recovered well.

According to The Sun, a source said:

"Paul had been complaining about not feeling well and saw a Harley Street specialist at The London Clinic. Tests were carried out and the decision was taken to operate. Paul had the angioplasty in a private hospital. It was all very routine but any work on your heart is a big deal."
Yet again another mega-rich person, who wouldn't be caught dead in government run anything, especially healthcare, has a differnt standard for himself.

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