January 03, 2010

The Obama System Works As Intended

Remember when Janet Napolitano went on TV to proudly announce that a gung-ho Scott Beamer inspired Dutch passenger managing to subdue the Crotch bomber, and his exploding panties, proved that the system worked?

Then following universal derision, the day after went back on TV to say the system didn't work.

Well I'm here to tell you that Napolitano's FIRST statement that "the system worked" was CORRECT.

The Obama system, that is. It worked beautifully, and as intended. That is: incompetent, myopic and amateur.

This is exactly the type of result (and worse) to expect with crypto-Marxists and their loony leftist lackies in charge of intelligence and national security.

Are y'all kidding me? Anyone who thinks that the priority of the Obama administration is to "combat" terrorism isn't really paying attention. Or just doesn't care.

Their priorities are combating the CIA for fracks sake. Their priority is diminishing the US military.

How long has Nancy Pelosi been calling the CIA liars. How long have Democrats accused the CIA of plotting against them? How long has the Democrat Black Caucus been at war with the CIA.

Their priority is "understanding" the terrorists. Their priority is NOT a true national defense against these terrorists.

You can't spend all year threatening the CIA with prosecution and worse, then turn around and play all dumb when intelligence falls apart.

Excuse my French but these Democrats are lying effing scum.

Oh the President is all so somber when 8 CIA agents are blown apart.

He goes on TV, reads the Teleprompter with the instruction in parentheses LOOK SAD & SOMBER.

BUT this is the same President rabidly intent (via his crazy commie A.G. Holder), to humiliate the CIA in front of the world in some sort of show trial.

So Ms Napolitano, President Obama (and Democrats in congress) stop pissing on people and telling them its raining. It just won't wash.


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