November 29, 2009

Olbermann comes up short in book sales, and other things

MSNBC's Countdown To No Ratings star, Keith Olbermann has an unhealthy obsession with attractive conservatives. This has long since passed over into psychotic stalking that is quite funny, and yet, disturbing at the same time.

His latest psychosis is focused like a moonbat-beam onto the excellent Sarah Palin and her autobiography slash memoir Going Rogue.

Now last week, Keithy spend much of his daily on-air psycho-therapy sessions Going Nuts, (what else is new?) alongside his carefully selected and assorted lefty loons. They are all bitter and twisted over the immense numbers of books Sarah Palin sold in the first few days.

As that was close to a million, this is driving Olberwomann, and his mindless myopic minions, CRAZY. Batshit crazy is the correct clinical definition.

So let's do a little Amazon sales comparison FACT CHECKING into the size of Keith's own written oevre. Ladies and gentlemen, it's NOT a pretty sight.

Sorry Keith, but your "girlfriends by the hour" are lying to you: size really does matter.
If You're Scoring at Home..or Even If You're Alone (Paperback)
~ Keith Olberman (Author) (SIC) Sales Rank: #7,296,874

I'll write that: this dreck is ranked in the SEVEN point THREE MILLIONTH least popular. Consider that Olbermann fact: there are 7,296,873 books ABOVE him in sales. WOW. Who knew they went that LOW?

And talk about cheap cover price, you can pick up this next little beauty on Amazon for: 45 new from $0.74; 35 used from $0.01.
The Worst Person In the World: And 202 Strong Contenders (Paperback)
~ Keith Olbermann (Author) (SIC) Sales Rank: #110,451

Just keep on digging that author's hole Keith...
Truth and Consequences: Special Comments on the Bush Administration's War on American Values (Hardcover) Sales Rank: #151,962

Ain't dat da truth Keithy? And the consequence for you is game, set and book sales Sarah Palin.

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