November 29, 2009

Giggling Couric curries favor in Twitterhead community

Apparently Katie Couric spent last week's entire state dinner, attended by the Indian Prime Minister, tweeting.

She actually reproduces some on her twitter page: Katie Couric's Inane Twitterings!

Here are a few examples of her incisive copy:
My recap of state dinner: Lots of saris, beautiful orchids, Mrs. O looked amazing! Seemed 2 ft taller than wife of India PM.

Prez looked tired from China, tablecloths were deep celadon, lots of dresses in sea foam green for whatever reason…

Jennifer Hudson was spectacular…she sang somewhere – wish I could sing like her, she’s sick!
However I can exclusively reveal more Katie Couric White House Tweets (WHeets) have been uncovered...
WTF!!! Feel so embarrassed for Indian PM. Has big red dot on forehead (lipstick???) and no one told him. LOL, funny really.

Shared table with v.funny sexy star of stage/screen Nathan Lane. Why hasn't some gorgeous female snapped him up for marriage. V. odd.

Mmmmm... just discovered America's next food fad: CURRY. How come this delight has been kept secret. WUWT!!!Must invest in curry mine.
Is she the modern day Dr. Johnson, or what? A woman of few letters, indeed.

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