September 18, 2009

Paging Dr. Strangebiden

Well I have to say I am relieved. Joe Biden says Iran is no threat to the US!

Phew, y'know I was really worried for a while, but thank goodness G.I. Joe* is on the job.

On CNN, the Vice President refused to confirm that the George W. Bush-era plan was being shelved.

But he did explain the logic of doing so, saying Iran — a key concern for the United States — was not a threat.

“I think we are fully capable and secure dealing with any present or future potential Iranian threat,” he told CNN’s Chris Lawrence in Baghdad, where he is on a brief trip.

Following his appearance on CNN, he went into his bunker to watch his favorite movie:
Vice President Dr Strangebiden: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Iranian Bomb.
Gentlemen you can't fight in here, this is the war room...

*G.I. = Generally Ignorant.


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