September 19, 2009

Obama: Now appearing on a TV near you!

When voters went to the polls last year, who knew they were voting in a Narcissist-in-Chief?

Well, most conservatives for many. It's a cliche that the rich and famous become mad when they start to believe their own publicity.

Obama is merely a brand. From Day 1 he has been marketed and sold as a brand.

And as a brand, his people have surrendered to the siren Coca Cola strategy -- never let up, never become invisible.

But the real thing about coke is this -- many people LIKE a cold caffeine imbued drink daily.

The constant advertising is to make sure they choose Coca-Cola as opposed to... that other brand.

In other words, you can only sell something people are interested in buying. And no amount of exposure is going to turn that around.

Continuing Obama's really SMART strategy of appearing on TV 24/7/365, his schedule for the rest of next week includes PRODUCT PLACEMENT guest appearances in...
HOUSE -- Locked up in the nut house, House's life can't get any worse until he finds he's under the care of a certain "Dr Obama." But is he hallucinating?

FRINGE -- Returning from the alternate universe where the twin towers are still standing, Special Agent Olivia Dunham is partnered with a cool black guy who bears a striking resemblence to a certain black President.

MAD MEN -- When the non-speaking black elevator guy leaves for Selma, his cool cousin Barack from Chicago steps in to push those white buttons.

FAMILY GUY -- Stewie is given a "Grow Your Own Obama" kit. Imagine his surprise when the actual Presdient appears and gets the hots for his white cartoon mom.

TRUE BLOOD -- The fey gay, vamp-blood supplying Lafeyette discovers his internet pen pal is none other than Barack Obama.
Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Are you sure?


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