August 16, 2009

el Presidente Papa Doc Obamaier

el Presidente Papa Doc Obama lies so routinely it's almost humorous. Listen how Lee Rodgers (host of the Bay Area's top-rated KSFO radio show) demolishes one of Obama's most spectacular lies.

As many of us said at the time, Obama's election campaign was the most dishonest presentation since Rock Hudson spent a career pretending to be the Lady's Man, Lady's Man.

Just how much he lied is revealed almost daily to a dishonest Government Controlled Media that could care less.

In his radio broadcast from Tueday, August 11, 2009, Lee plays numerous clips of Papa Doc blah blahing that all healthcare NEGOTIATIONS (sic), normally done behind closed doors, will be BROADCAST LIVE ON C-SPAN.

He said it over and over. How's that all working out?

Lee Rodgers Speaks Truth to Power Liars



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