April 02, 2010

McCartney's Magical Mystery Healthcare Tour

Being a huge fan of the Beatles, and an admirer of Paul McCartney this one pains me.

McCartney is on tour in America, singing his little heart out. So far, so great.

Unfortunately he also decided to sing the praises of the Democrat forced lurch to the unwanted, unpopular government run healthcare welfare entitlement.

According to the Miami Herald McCartney says:
"It's a good thing that America has done," he said of recently approved health care legislation.
The funny thing is: when it comes to Britain's 60 year old socialized National Heathcare system Paul says HELP... and doesn't seem too keen to avail himself of its glories.
And with age comes inevitable health problems, which explains why Paul McCartney had a sly coronary angioplasty recently. According to reports, Paul McCartney had the routine heart operation in secret at a private London hospital in the autumn after consulting his doctor, and has since recovered well.

According to The Sun, a source said:

"Paul had been complaining about not feeling well and saw a Harley Street specialist at The London Clinic. Tests were carried out and the decision was taken to operate. Paul had the angioplasty in a private hospital. It was all very routine but any work on your heart is a big deal."
Yet again another mega-rich person, who wouldn't be caught dead in government run anything, especially healthcare, has a differnt standard for himself.

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March 19, 2010

Obama courts supreme disaster

Let's assume that the power-crazed, Lumpen Marxetariat cabal currently controlling the Democrats, in congress and the White House, succeed in their Demon Pass.

One minute after that vote, they are going to be buried in an avalanche of law suits challenging them on many levels. One in particular may make it to the Supreme Court: that filed by Mark Levin and the Landmark Legal Foundation.

Which makes me wonder: will Obama's egregious attempt to humiliate sitting justices, at his first State of the Union address, come back to haunt him?

His arrogant and classless remarks began with factual inaccuracies (as in: YOU LIE) about the 1st Amendment case. He then petulantly blathered on in a manner that can only be read as a DIRECT CHALLENGE to the constitutional role of the Supreme Court from the other two co-equal branches. That is: the SC as the final arbiters of what is, and what is NOT, legislatively constitutional.

They decide that. Not the President and not the congress.

Well guess what Mr President? Opponents of the Democrats' instinctive totalitarian ideology are going to have their day in court. The Supreme Court.

Underpinning these cases will be a challenge to the idea that the Congress and the Executive can cook the legislative books to enact legislation contrary to the articles enumerated in the constitution; and also, as a byproduct, usurping the power of the Supreme Court.

I think even Justice Ginsberg will not go along with opening the door to unfettered legislative fiat that relies on being deemed passed.

And I suspect that at least five Justices, (the ones whom you insulted to their faces by lying about a decision they had just made), will not forget your worrying instinct to bypass the constitution at your will, Mr President. Well done.

March 18, 2010

Muttering To Myself!

Random Factoid #1
Something unusual happened yesterday.

An act of journalism was committed upon a President who hasn't really been questioned critically since Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the Democrat nomination in the primaries.

So keep an eye out for some personal stories involving Brett Baier to mysteriously pop up on lefty blogs in the next few days.

They will then seep into the mainstream media. This is the usual MO of the Omoba administration.

Random Factoid #2
Obama was his usual snarly self whenever he gets challenged on his fantasies. Baier tried to ask the President a fairly boiler-plate question based on the 18,000 emails from his viewers.

Obama snarks back: "Yeah, well I get 40,000 emails a day..."

Yeah, and 39,000 are telling you they don't want your damn socialized healthcare!

Actually I would like someone to fact check that 40,000 claim.

Sounds like it's up there with Obama's fantasy about Doctors getting $35,000 for every limb they amputate unnesessarily.

Random Factoid #3
You may have read that our favorite alien invasion nut, Dennis "I Can Be Bought Real Cheap" Kucinich, took a trip on Airforce One recently.

What you may not know is this: the call sign of President's plane aircraft was changed for the 49 minute bribe, flight.

In Dennis's honor it was renamed Alien Mothership One.

No news on whether Dennis was probed during the flight to Venus, and back.

Random Factoid #4
Can't we rename Obama's latest plot to force his trillion upon trillion dollar socialist healthcare on unwilling Americans?

Instead of the unconstitutional "deem and pass" it should be called...
Obama's Demon Pass

As it really is the anti-Hail Mary Pass. The legislative equivalent of the anti-Christ.

Mike Malloy racially obsessed where Justice Thomas
puts his John Thomas

Over at Newsbusters, Tim Graham posts a disturbing piece about somebody called Mike Malloy, who is, apparently a "progressive" radio host.

Like all loony leftists, Malloy is obsessed with race. The object of his racial ire today is that Justice Clarence Thomas has a white wife.

Like Senate majority leader Harry Reid, Malloy is also a big fan of the "negro" word.

He tries an obvious rhetorical trick of claiming that it is "teabaggers" who will be shocked to discover the racial truth about the magnificent Justice Thomas's marriage arrangement. These "teabaggers" will then subject Thomas to some sort of racial jihad because, well, they're all "racists" doncha know!

That's because "teabaggers" don't object to President Obama because of his crypto-Marxist views. It's because he is, ahem... black! (Or "negro" as intoned by Malloy and Reid.)

The subtext is, of course, transference. It is MALLOY who seems unable to accept that Thomas has a white wife. Did I mention? She's very, very white and Thomas is very, very black.

But this is bringing mild levity to something that is essentially a disgusting racist diatribe by Malloy ,against Justice Thomas, the poor son of a sharecropper. Malloy's ravings are truly shocking and unconscionable.

Not that I don't expect that from "leftists"; but it is the public act of him wallowing so openly in the sewer that is shocking.

The bigoted racial transference -- clearly it is Malloy who has the problem of the very, very, very, very, very, very (did I mention VERY) black Clarence Thomas, yada, yada, yada. And his very, very white wife.

On a wider front, you'll note how brazen the left has become in exposing its true racialist nature. Malloy clearly feels empowered to spew his nonsense in public.

I have no idea about the size of his audience. About the size of his brain, I guess. Very small.

As I pointed out last year, during the Obama administration we have gone from claimed post-racial to most racial in just a year.

The left will NEVER stop its race obsession. In fact, the more Obama fails (how can his reactionary Keynsian-inspired statism not fail) the more intense will the racism from the left become.

March 14, 2010

My Toyota did it.... just like HAL in 2001!

Toyota cars on rampage. Murdering innocent civilians everywhere!

But seriously folks: apparently there is a rampage of incompetent, old and confused drivers using the "Toyota" excuse globally. For all sorts of things. Like running over your wife!

Such as in the UK where The Sun reports:
I couldn’t stop my Toyota killing wife
Published: 10 Mar 2010
A DRIVER who ran over and killed his wife while parking his Toyota cried: "I couldn't stop the car," a court heard yesterday.

Retired surveyor William Hippsley shot forward in his Prius - dragging wife Brenda 130ft in a Tesco (supermarket) car park.

Hippsley, 74 - who denies causing death by careless driving - said in a police quiz three months later the car had lunged forward and the brake had failed. But by that time Hippsley, of Searby, Lincolnshire, had heard reports of Prius acceleration problems in the U.S., Grimsby Crown Court heard.
Sure, why use a gun when a car will do!
Your honor, I plead the Toyota.
Case dismissed!
March 11, 2010

Monty Obamathon & The Dead Parrot Sketch

Check out my tribute to Monty Python; and Obama's Zombie socialist Healthcare malfeascence that refuses to acknowlege it's deader than flared pants!

Monty Obamathon & The Dead Parrot Sketch

February 14, 2010

Jim Vandehei: the Art Vanderlay of Politico*

JIM VANDEHEI was the co-author of a Politico hit piece on Cheney.

Vanderhei was also on O'Reilly's show last week. Old Jim was all upset because Bill Sammon (Fox News Managing Editor) roughly said that the Main Stream Media HATED Sarah Palin. Not simply disagreed with her, but actually hated her.

Vanderlay was almost hysterical over Sammon's opinion. He accused Sammon of stepping outside his role as an unbiased reporter.

Why was Sammon, reporting on what he has found in the liberal press, outside his role? We never found out because Vandehei’s thinking was intellectually incoherent and dishonest

So I'm reading Vandehei, the supposed unbiased EDITOR at Politico, in a very long report on the former Veep. The usual suspects are very upset because the Cheney is once again leading the cogent criticisms of the Obama administration; and its pathetic responses to the war on Islamo-terrorism.

This is how Vandehei covers Biden: a man for whom the phrase “walking disaster” was invented.
“In an interview taped Saturday night for "Meet the Press," Biden unloaded on his predecessor, saying Cheney is "wrong," is "trying to rewrite history," and "either is misinformed or he is misinforming."
You'll note there are no pejoratives. No adjectives describing motive, malign or otherwise.

In the same piece, this is how he covers Cheney:
"Some nonpartisan national security analysts have called Cheney’s critiques distorted and even demagogic."
Really? Who are they? No names here. For all we know this is what Vandehei thinks.
"His natural temperament is goaded by his influential adviser, daughter Liz Cheney..."
Goaded eh? That's a loaded word don't you think Jim? The most obvious implication to be gleaned is that Cheney doesn't even really belive half the stuff he's saying because he has to be "goaded" into articulating it in public.
"But Cheney’s ability to influence policy — as opposed to influencing cable-news programming — may be dulled by his insensitivity to timing and penchant for rhetorical bombast..."
So Cheney is insensitive and bombastic -- unlike Biden I suppose.

Opinion opinion opinion Jim. Like Bill Salmon's opinion about the hatred of the legacy media for Sarah Palin

There then follows several paragraphs were Jim digs up numerous partisans to viciously attack Cheney as variously being: nuts, bitter, cavalier, unfair, a liar, surreal, outrageous, and indecent.

Note the language. It's hit after hit after hit.

Jim Vanderlay then concludes this first little bash Cheney cabal with this:
MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann said in an e-mail to POLITICO that Cheney has been “shrill, totally unpatriotic and sounding more concerned with torture and interrogation than with results and intelligence.”
That's right. The EDITOR of Politico went to a raving loon for his opinion.

You think Art Vanderlay could not get more laughably and hopelessly biased. Think again.

His very next quote comes from a clown equal to Olbermann. You don't think that's possible? Oh, you've never heard of Andrew Sullivan. He of the Sarah Palin gynaecological obsession.

Not kidding folks. And the whole diatribe goes on for another whole page; on and on and on.

Jim Vandehei. You are a Democrat tool, a shill and a lousy stinking hypocrite to attack Bill Sammon.

*Art Vanderlay was the fictional alter ego of George Costanza, himself a fictional character on Seinfeld. Vanderlay was a Marine Biologist, invented by George to pick up women whom he thought would be more impressed with a Marine biologist than a loser.

February 05, 2010

Media liberals stroke themselves in barely viewed echo chamber

Newsbusters has a nice reveal on one Lizz Winstead. Lizz Who...stead, I hear you moan? Who she? More reveal later.

Talking to Joy Behar about Glenn Beck la Winstead whined:

"He should be institutionalized... First of all Glenn Beck, why is he even on television? I think it's somehow abusive to have Glenn Beck on TV because he seems mentally unstable."
Mentally unstable? Isn't that Behar and her former side-nutbag O'Donnell? Isn't that the nut calling the kettle mental?

But I digress. You gotta laugh. Lizz Whinestead, notice the two zees in Lizz. She's not your ususal boring ONE zee kinda gal. Nosireeebob.

This is what Lizz with a two Zee writes about herself. Ego? Much! Mentally unstable? You decide. Then deride.

IMDBPro Biography
As a co-creator and former head writer of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," and Co-founder of Air America Radio; Lizz Winstead has emerged as a critically acclaimed political writer and producer. As a performer, Winstead brought her political wit to "The Daily Show" as a Correspondent and later to the radio waves co-hosting "Unfiltered," Air America Radio's mid morning show with citizen of the world and Hip Hop legend Chuck D, and political big brain Rachel Maddow.

Lizz' comedic talents have been recognized in Entertainment Weekly's 100 most Creative People issue and she was nominated Best Female Club Performer by The American Comedy Awards and has appeared numerous times on television including HBO's "Women of the Night", "The US Comedy Arts Festival" in Aspen, "Comedy Central Presents.." and too many basic cable stand-up shows and VH-1 "50 Greatest This" and "100 Greatest That's" to mention....

Lizz is writing, producing and staring in "Wake Up World" an Off Broadway and web show in NYC that satirizes all of our beloved morning shows. Winstead continues touring the country doing stand-up and is a regular contributor on "The Ed Show" on MSNBC.
Written by: Lizz Winstead
February 04, 2010

Obama presidency unexpectedly* fails

By Melissa Shill and Melvin Hack
AP Political Writers
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Obama's poll numbers unexpectedly fell again this month, despite forecasts from experts that his socialist policies would soon prove wildly popular, like his Venezuelan comrade President Hugo Chavez.

This news follows an unexpectedly unpopular first year for Obama following his massive landslide victory in the November 2009 election.

Many experts in the media predicted that this would pave the way for the full implementation of Mr Obama's centrist policies. As expected Mr Obama blamed his predecessor, President Bush, for his unexpected failures.
*It has become a running joke amongst conservatives that the State Controlled Media, as epitomized by the AP, runs story after story on government produced monthly/yearly statistics on unemployment, economic growth, et al, where the results are always "unexpected.
February 03, 2010

Frank Rich is a big fat ugly toad. Dumb too.


Frank Rick is a British born Theater Critic, and old round big fat toad. Who cares, you ask? No one. Until he calls genuine American military hero "unpatriotic."

How brave of Frank Rich. I'd show photographic proof of his genuinely big fat ugly toad face, but I don't wish to offend sensitive readers.

Writing in the New York Times (1/31/10) in his usual style of socialist Manhattenite-elite pig-ignorance, Rich spluttered that:
John McCain epitomizes the unpatriotic opposition.
Of course, for Rich, any opposition to Obama is unpatriotic.

Well, you know Frank is such a hero. Really. He has been awarded a Queen's Medal for Sitting on his Arse. Who the queen was, I have no idea. But you get my drift.

Once, in the 1970s he had to sit through Endgame on the really uncomfortable seats at the Royal Court, London.

Now sitting through any Sam Beckett play is heroic to my mind, having done so a couple of times. But Rich had to seat in ... the cheap enemy seats right next to the smelly public and plebs!!!

Now that's heroic.

And when the character Hamm accidentally kicked some sand from the stage, it went right in Rich's eye.

Of course, being a theaterophile, Rich sat stoically for an hour until the play ended. Then, and only then, did he call on his man-servant Dick to remove the offending mini-mote from his eye. Now that takes real guts. Not some fake scheme to become famous like the glory hungry Audie Murphy.

And again heroic. Far more so than being chained and beaten in the Hanoi Hilton for six years. Like that fraud John McCain.

So arise Sir Frank Rich -- knight of some queen.
January 18, 2010

The madness of King Georgy Boy

On the January 18, 2010, edition of ABC's Good Morning America, a panicked George Stephanopoulos whined to White House correspondent Jake Tapper:
“You have top Democrats like Barney Frank of Massachusetts who said flatly if Martha Coakley, the Democrat, loses, health care is dead. So what kind of planning is the White House doing right now for backup? What's their Plan B?”
Plan 9 From Outta Ya Mind... written and directed by Obama Woodenhead.

That's the Obama plan.
January 16, 2010

If the Glover don't fit, you can convict... of stupidity.

One of my favorite luvvie* lefty loons is Danny Glover. There isn't a commie thug dictator this supreme oaf doen't have a hard on for.

Usually it is impossible to parody the inanities that tumble from his mouth when he's off-script; but even Danny Boy surpassed himself when opining about the Haiti earthquake being caused by GLOBAL WARMING!

Glover told an GRITtv (who they? Ed.) that it could have happened to any of the Caribbean island nations, quote:
"I hope we seize this particular moment because the threat of what happened to Haiti is the threat that could happen anywhere in the Caribbean to these island nations, you know. They're all in peril because of global warming, they're all in peril because of climate change and all of this....

When we look back at what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I'm saying? But we have to act now."
"You know what I'm saying?" Err, no actually... I have no idea what you are saying.  But for your minor amusement here are the:

9. Carrot Top.
8. Conan O'Brien losing the Tonight Show.
7. Erectile Dysfunction in his best "friend".
6. The failure of socialism and communism wherever they have been imposed.
5. Rosie O'Donnell's increasing weight.
4. Obama's cratering poll numbers.
3. The current freezing cold weather all over the planet.
2. The reason he can't get a cab to stop for him in New York.That... and him being batpoop crazy, of course!
1. The death of his acting career.

*Luvvie is the mocking British slang for actors.